Why Mothers Die - Report on Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths in the United Kingdom 1994-96
Cortical responses to auditory stimuli during isoflurane burst suppression anaesthesia
Comparison of supine and upright positions on autonomic nervous activity in late pregnancy: the role of aortocaval compression
Effect of nitric oxide predilution on inhaled nitrogen dioxide concentrations
Cost-effectiveness of ondansetron for postoperative nausea and vomiting
Peri-operative silent myocardial ischaemia in patients undergoing lower limb joint replacement surgery: an indicator of postoperative morbidity or mortality?*
The effect of intrathecal magnesium sulphate on nociception in rat acute pain models
Comparison of sevoflurane and propofol with rocuronium for modified rapid-sequence induction of anaesthesia
Continuous pulse oximetry in the general surgical ward: Nellcor N-200 versus Nellcor N-3000
Prevention of needle-stick injury
A bronchogenic cyst in an infant causing tracheal occlusion and cardiac arrest
Prophylactic anti-emetic efficacy of ondansetron in laparoscopic cholecystectomy under total intravenous anaesthesia
Conditions for laryngeal mask insertion
Influence of induction of anaesthesia on intubating conditions one minute after rocuronium administration: comparison of ketamine and thiopentone
The immediate impact of opening an adult high dependency unit on intensive care unit occupancy
Meeting the standards for interhospital transfer of adults with severe head injury in the United Kingdom
The use of tramadol following day-case oral surgery
Attitudes to oral feeding following Caesarean section
Central neural blockade and the compartment syndrome
Central neural blockade and the compartment syndrome
Caudal analgesia in children
Caudal analgesia in children
Oral versus rectal diclofenac for postoperative tonsillectomy pain in children
Acute pain service audit
Combined spinal epidural anaesthesia
Combined spinal epidural
Epidural blood patch
Sevoflurane induction and acute epiglottitis
Global pollution - the anaesthetist's contribution
Sudden death from inhalation of petrol vapour
Magnesium sulphate for the control of spasms in severe tetanus
Gastro-oesophageal reflux during day case gynaecological laparoscopy
Gastro-oesophageal reflux during day case gynaecological laparoscopy
The Combitube and cervical spine immobilisation
The Combitube and cervical spine immobilisation
A close shave
Grading of direct laryngoscopy
The intubating laryngeal mask (ILMA) in an emergency failed intubation
Awareness during cardiac anaesthesia
Raynaud's phenomenon and propofol
An absolute contraindication to nitrous oxide
Another cracking idea
Humouring the patient
A slap on the back
Prolonged pharyngeal obstruction after the Heimlich manoeuvre
A gastronomic airway assessment
Music in theatre