A comparison of hospital and critical-care activity
Physiological values and procedures in the 24 h before ICU admission from the ward
Effect of maternal ambulation on labour with low-dose combined spinal-epidural analgesia
Low-dose bupivacaine: a comparison of hypobaric and near isobaric solutions for arthroscopic surgery of the knee
The reinforced laryngeal mask in paediatric outpatient dental surgery
The use of breathing system filters as oxygen-delivery devices*
Prevention of tracheal aspiration using the pressure-limited tracheal tube cuff
Acute cardiac herniation after radical pleuropneumonectomy
Hypokalaemic, hyperchloraemic metabolic acidosis requiring ventilation
Anaesthesia for Conn's syndrome
The story of the gauge
The accuracy of visual estimation of weight and height in pre-operative supine patients
Decontamination of laryngoscopes: a survey of national practice*
The effect of cerebral palsy on the action of vecuronium with or without anticonvulsants
The effects of EMLA and a topical formulation of 4% amethocaine (Ametop) on pain associated with retrobulbar injection
Explaining the variable effect on laryngeal view obtained with the McCoy laryngoscope
Solutions to the problem of difficult tracheal tube passage associated with the paraglossal straight laryngoscopy technique
The left-handed laryngoscope
The reinforced LMA - what is needed is less flexibility
'Sideways' laryngeal mask airways
A trainer for placement of double-lumen tracheal tubes
Capnography and the differentiation between tracheal and oesophageal intubation
Filters in breathing systems
Filters in breathing systems
Bronchofibrescopic jet ventilation - an aid to percutaneous tracheostomy
Retrospective soliloquy: rationalising practice through prospective audit
Alpha-2 receptor agonists and a species-specific mechanism of hypoxaemia
Anaphylactic reaction following intravenous adenosine
Propofol/midazolam coinduction
Propofol/midazolam coinduction
Target-controlled infusions
Comparison of 0.75% levobupivacaine with 0.75% racemic bupivacaine for peribulbar anaesthesia
Analgesia for spinal puncture
Analgesia for spinal puncture
Prolonged intrathecal catheterisation after inadvertent dural taps in labour
Avoiding a dural tap
An unexpectedly shallow epidural space
Pumps for epidural catheters
Local anaesthetic loss during simulated spinal anaesthesia
The 'whoosh' test
Amniotic fluid embolism in a patient with SC sickle cell disease
An unusual presentation of paraneoplastic neuropathy
Position of CVP lines
A problem with a triple-lumen central line
A problem with a triple-lumen central line
Peri-orbital bruising as a complication of taping eyes
The epidural potato - and beyond
Brown's Atlas of Regional Anaesthesia, 2nd edition
Essentials of Cardiac and Thoracic Anaesthesia
Hazard Notice MDA SN1999(11) March 1999
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