'Mighty things from small beginnings grow' John Dryden (1631-1700) Annus mirabilis
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Time course of changes in breathing pattern in morphine- and oxycodone-induced respiratory depression
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The patient-at-risk team: identifying and managing seriously ill ward patients
Adrenocortical function in critically ill patients 24 h after a single dose of etomidate
Antiseptic-bonded central venous catheters and bacterial colonisation
Fibre-optically lit laryngoscope
The effect of steam sterilisation at 134°C on light intensity provided by fibrelight Macintosh laryngoscopes
The use of neuromuscular blocking agents in noncardiac surgery after dynamic cardiomyoplasty
Exaggerated cardiovascular response to anaesthesia - a case for investigation
Failure of insertion of a laryngeal mask airway caused by a variation in the anatomy of the thyroid cartilage
Anaesthetic management of Caesarean section in an elderly parturient with pre-eclampsia
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the management of severe acute anaemia in a Jehovah's Witness
Profound motor blockade with epidural ropivacaine following spinal bupivacaine
Effect of epidural bupivacaine on the relationship between the bispectral index and end-expiratory concentrations of desflurane
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The pre-operative ECG in day surgery: a habit?
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Neck flexion and the intubating laryngeal mask
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