The anaesthetist as peri-operative physician
End-tidal oxygraphy during pre-oxygenation in patients with severe diffuse emphysema
Prediction of the oculocardiac reflex from pre-operative linear and nonlinear heart rate dynamics in children
Chemical stability of bupivacaine, lidocaine and epinephrine in pH-adjusted solutions
Comparison of recovery following rapacuronium, with and without neostigmine, and succinylcholine
The sedative and electroencephalographic effects of regional anaesthesia*
Comparison of remifentanil versus regional anaesthesia in children anaesthetised with isoflurane/nitrous oxide
Anaesthesia and saccadic eye movements
Reserve nitrous oxide cylinders on anaesthetic machines
Comparison of a new video-optical intubation stylet versus the conventional malleable stylet in simulated difficult tracheal intubation
Evaluation of the use of the Flexiblade
Pregnancy, anaesthesia and Guillain Barré syndrome
Effects of intrathecal ketamine added to bupivacaine for spinal anaesthesia
The effect of halothane and isoflurane on plasma cytokine levels
Patient information leaflets for anaesthetic drugs
The Do Attempt Resuscitation doctor
Intensive care training and non anaesthetists
No laughing matter - a failure of pipeline nitrous oxide supply
A ghost in the machine?
The hidden leak
Gas leak from TEC 5 Isoflurane Vaporiser
Failed ventilation due to breakage of a tracheal tube connector
Problem with ECG electrode nipples
Problem with ECG electrode nipples
Risk of infection from laryngeal mask airways
Risk of infection from laryngeal mask airways
Percutaneous tracheostomy in three morbidly obese patients using the 'Blue Rhino™' technique
Another case of 'awkward teeth' producing a difficult intubation
Another teeth protector
Jaw thrust manoeuvre for repositioning the epiglottis down folded by the ILM
Dimensions of intubating laryngeal mask airway tracheal tube
Difficult tracheal intubation secondary to a tracheal diverticulum and a 90 degree deviation in the trachea
Use of a pleurogram to identify the position of a misplaced subclavian catheter
Needle thoracocentesis fails to diagnose a large pneumothorax
Acute abdomen and unexplained metabolic acidosis in a chronic alcoholic
Refractory hypotension during carcinoid resection surgery
Pharyngeal abscess in a small infant presenting as upper airway obstruction and atlantoaxial subluxation
Hyperkalaemia and rapid blood transfusion
Olanzopine overdose
Dystrophia myotonica and succinylcholine
Human psychology applies to doctors too
Inadvertent isolated forearm
Glutathione transferase alpha and inhalation anaesthetics
Nitrous oxide analgesia - a 'sting in the tail'
Patient-controlled propofol infusion sedation
Patient-controlled oramorph - the future?
Bacterial contamination during continuous epidural treatment
Bacterial contamination during continuous epidural treatment
Skin damage related to regional anaesthesia
On the strange effects of fasting times
Pethidine in labour
Crashed and nearly burned ... during a LSCS!
Beau's lines
National Anaesthesia Day - who cares?
Faulty intravenous cannulae
Handbook of Paediatric Intensive Care, 3rd edn
Clinical Pharmacology of Local Anaesthetics
The Pain Clinic Manual, 2nd edn
Handbook of Pre-operative Assessment and Management
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