Safety matters
Airway obstruction with cricoid pressure and lateral tilt
Exploration of xenon as a potential cardiostable sedative: a comparison with propofol after cardiac surgery
Effects of postoperative sedation with propofol and midazolam on pancreatic function assessed by pancreatitis-associated protein
Intermediate outcome of medical patients after intensive care
Blood pressure measurement in volunteers with and without padding between the cuff and the skin
Sequential organ scoring as a measure of effectiveness of care in the high‐dependency unit
Maternal anti-factor Xa activity following subcutaneous unfractionated heparin after Caesarean section*
Evaluation of a new percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy set
The effect of the Lockit epidural catheter clamp on epidural migration: a controlled trial
Pyogenic cervical epidural abscess and discitis following stellate ganglion block
A Staphylococcus aureus paraspinal abscess associated with epidural analgesia in labour
Information and consent for anaesthesia: a postal survey of current practice in Great Britain
Medical repatriation via fixed-wing air ambulance: a review of patient characteristics and adverse events
A study of bispectral analysis and auditory evoked potential indices during propofol-induced hypnosis in volunteers
The effect of prophylactic metaraminol on systemic hypotension caused by induction of anaesthesia with propofol in patients over 55 years old*
Facilitation of laryngeal mask airway insertion
Effect of ondansetron pretreatment on pain after rocuronium and propofol injection: a randomised, double-blind controlled comparison with lidocaine
Patient consent for case reports
A reply
Do anaesthetists benefit from general medical experience?
Helicopter transfer of the critically ill and required standards of training
Transient fixation on a non-native language associated with anaesthesia
Postoperative instructions
Myocardial infarction with creatine kinase genetic aberration
Patient compliance with pre-operative day case instructions
‘Teaching grandma to suck eggs’
The fresh-gas flow sequence at the start of low-flow anaesthesia
Pressure exerted by the cuff of the laryngeal tube on the oropharynx
Tonsillectomy — anaesthetic technique and the new disposable surgical equipment
Potential hazard with syringe infusion pump
Incorrect assembly of the flexiblade fibreoptic bundle
A reply
The importance of a Murphy Eye
Survey of cricoid pressure application by anaesthetists, operating department practitioners, intensive care and accident and emergency nurses
Misidentification, in-filling and confirmation bias
Vascular access procedures for haemodialysis – potential hazard of regional anaesthesia
Maternal self-administration of oral analgesia after Caesarean section
Subcutaneous cyclizine
Incompatibility of prochlorperizine and ketoprofen
Before or after general anaesthesia?
Fetal acidosis, spinal anaesthesia and phenylephrine
Combined spinal–epidurals and epidural top-ups 1
Combined spinal–epidurals and epidural top-ups 2
Combined spinal-epidurals and epidural top-ups 3
A reply
The hazards of car cleaning and a novel approach to airway control
Wrong ECG leads