Predicting difficult intubation – worthwhile exercise or pointless ritual?
Effects of desflurane and isoflurane on intestinal tissue oxygen pressure during colorectal surgery
Personality testing and profiling for anaesthetic job recruitment: attitudes of anaesthetic specialists/consultants in New Zealand and Scotland
Orotracheal fibreoptic intubation for rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia *
Comparison of times to achieve tracheal intubation with three techniques using the laryngeal or intubating laryngeal mask airway *
Remifentanil and the tunnelling phase of paediatric ventriculoperitoneal shunt insertion. A double-blind, randomised, prospective study
Anions and the anaesthetist
Tracheal intubation and sore throat: a mechanical explanation
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The effect of 10° head-up tilt in the right lateral position on the systemic blood pressure after subarachnoid block for Caesarean section
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Effect of videotape feedback on anaesthetists' performance while managing simulated anaesthetic crises: a multicentre study
Day surgery and body mass index: results of a national survey
Outreach critical care is not the solution
Outreach critical care
Intensive care costs
Intensive care costs
Cricoid pressure application by intensive care nurses
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Manpower requirements when implementing a partial shift system for anaesthetic juniors
Probability of winning the National Lottery
Probability of winning the National Lottery
Anaesthesia induction rooms – sheer luxury
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Obstruction of airway equipment
Another airway foreign body
Yet another foreign body in a laryngeal mask airway
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A phantom capnograph trace
Phantom anaesthetic vapour
Phantom anaesthetic vapour
Anaesthetic machine safety – the story continues
Halothane vs. sevoflurane in the difficult airway
Halothane vs. sevoflurane in the difficult airway
Novel use of capnography during an awake fibreoptic intubation
Arterial line insertion
Flush volume for a vascular access device
Experience of complications of percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy
Single-lung ventilation via a double lumen tube in a patient with a tracheostomy
Acid-base disorders in the critically ill
Acid-base disorders in the critically ill
Inadvertent catheterisation of a partial anomalous pulmonary venous channel during central venous cannulation
Correct nomenclature for stereo isomers
Hypo-osmolar Hartmann's
Effective labelling is difficult, but safety really does matter
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Just who do they think we are?