Anaesthetists and care of the critically ill child
The effects of sevoflurane and desflurane in vitro on platelet–leukocyte adhesion in whole blood
Mathematical modelling and simulation for planning critical care capacity★
Impact of an Outreach team on re-admissions to a critical care unit
A randomised crossover comparison of patient-controlled sedation and patient-maintained sedation using propofol
Job satisfaction, stress and burnout in Australian specialist anaesthetists
Eliminating protein from reusable laryngeal mask airways
Mobile phones in the hospital – past, present and future
The use of remifentanil in the anaesthetic management of patients undergoing adrenalectomy
A survey of peri-operative use of magnesium sulphate in adult cardiac surgery in the UK
Bilateral paravertebral blockade for conventional cardiac surgery
The use of hypothermia as a method of neuroprotection during neurosurgical procedures and after traumatic brain injury
Reduction of motion sickness in prehospital trauma care★
Comparison of closed circuit and Fick-derived oxygen consumption in patients undergoing simultaneous aortocaval occlusion
Herbal medicine and anaesthesia
Chinese herbal medicines
New GMC guidelines
Problems with disposable laryngoscope blades
Problems with disposable laryngoscope blades
Time constant or half time of a breathing system?
Magnetic resonance compatible equipment
Magnetic resonance compatible equipment
Thirteen centimetre central venous catheters, lucky for all?
Critical incident involving an adjustable tracheostomy tube
Oxygen failure alarms
Lingual tonsil hypertrophy with difficult airway and uncontrollable bleeding
Laryngoceles and the laryngeal tube
Gum elastic Bougie and simulated difficult intubation
Time to switch to disposable bougies
Unexpected difficult airway
Use of the laryngeal tube during cardiopulmonary resuscitation by paramedical staff
Failure of prefilled propofol syringe
Failure of prefilled propofol syringe
Operative ascitic drainage in a patient with primary intestinal lymphangiectasia
An unusual anaesthetic for a through-knee amputation
Different clocks, different times …
Post dural puncture headache
False dermatome testing
An unusual cause of postpartum collapse or a red herring?
Uncommon cause of itchy back in pregnancy
Blocked epidural catheter
Difficult airway Society web address
Teeth jewellery
Chancre very much!
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Radiology for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care