Patient information, risk and choice
Clinical and economic choices in anaesthesia for day surgery
Evaluation of oesophageal pulse oximetry in patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgery☆
Hypotension following combined spinal-epidural anaesthesia for Caesarean section
Comparison of heart rate variability in supine, and left and right lateral positions
Anaesthetic implications of anorexia nervosa
Temperature course and distribution during plasma heating with a microwave device
Validation of a tonometric noninvasive arterial blood pressure monitor in the intensive care setting
Clinical evaluation of a continuous oxygen consumption monitor in mechanically ventilated patients
The effect of mechanical cleaning and thermal disinfection on light intensity provided by fibrelight Macintosh laryngoscopes
The anaesthetic management of a patient with a reninoma
Survey of change in practice following simulation-based training in crisis management
Analgesia during radial artery cannulation
Survey of use of end-tidal carbon dioxide for confirming tracheal tube placement in intensive care units in the UK*
Research output in anaesthesia
Research output in anaesthesia
Pandora's Box contains no easy solution
Benefits of off-pump coronary artery surgery?
Anaesthetic equipment – familiarity is comforting, but check it
Fibreoptic equipment and prion disease
Inadequate ventilation with the LMA ProSeal™
Natural airway before artificial airway
Radiographic guided epidural placement
Complication of the combined spinal epidural technique 1
Complication of the combined spinal epidural technique 2
Complication of the combined spinal epidural technique 2
Loss of consciousness from epidural sufentanil for labour analgesia
Acute hypoglycaemia in a healthy parturient following induction of a combined spinal-epidural analgesia for labour
Lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh pain in association with inguinal hernia repair
Citalopram – a risk factor for postoperative hyponatraemia
Study of postoperative nausea and vomiting
Study of postoperative nausea and vomiting
Fire and frost!
Allergic reaction to hyaluronidase after a peribulbar injection
Antihistamines and potentiation of opioid induced sedation and respiratory depression
Paediatric dental sedation
Paediatric dental sedation
About submental intubation
Simultaneous coronary bypass surgery and same anaesthetic technique in identical twins
Preventing loss of nasogastric tubes in the critically ill. The ‘nasal lasso’ improved
James Matthews Duncan
Early books and pamphlets on anaesthesia
Caution with your arterial lines
Vegetarian anaesthesia
Ophthalmic pain following vitrectomy
Sub-Tenon's anaesthesia for cataract surgery using a plastic cannula
Anticoagulation and intra-ocular surgery under local anaesthesia
Anaesthesia for surgical decompression of the orbit in severe thyroid orbitiopathy
Survey of the need for intravenous access in ocular anaesthesia
Evaluation of a model for surgical airway training
A national survey of the use of bite guards and critical incidents involving the laryngeal mask airway
Ventilation of a model lung through various cricothyrotomy devices
Randomised comparison of the laryngeal tube and the laryngeal mask during anaesthesia with controlled ventilation
Plasma lidocaine levels during local anaesthesia of the airway
A realistic manikin for airway training
Instruction in awake fibreoptic intubation using the trainees as subjects
Comparison of the fibreoptic 'scope and plastic bougie for tracheal intubation in simulated difficult laryngoscopy
Comparison of the single-use plastic bougie and the multiple-use gum elastic bougie for tracheal intubation in simulated grade-3 difficult laryngoscopy
The Pharmacology of Inhaled Anaesthetics; 1st Edition
Holding Court with the Ghost of Gilman Terrace