Etomidate for emergency anaesthesia; mad, bad and dangerous to know?
Hypoxaemia during open-airway apnoea
Effect of atorvastatin and fluvastatin on the metabolism of midazolam by cytochrome P450 in vitro *
Cardiovascular responses following laryngoscope assisted, fibreoptic orotracheal intubation
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Tramadol-induced hyponatraemia following unicompartmental knee replacement surgery
The CobraPLA – a response from the manufacturer
Weight adjusted spinal anaesthesia for Caesarean section
Weight adjusted spinal anaesthesia for Caesarean section
Weight adjusted spinal anaesthesia for Caesarean section
Weight adjusted spinal anaesthesia for Caesarean section
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Warning of previous anaesthetic problems
Sublingual drug delivery during functional magnetic resonance imaging
Lipid emulsion to treat bupivacaine toxicity
Unstable blood pressure after previous radical neck dissection
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Critical incident due to a corroded expiratory valve
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