Living with the European Clinical Trials Directive
Modelling the impact of an influenza pandemic on critical care services in England
Effect of breathing low concentrations of volatile anaesthetic agents on incidence of adverse airway events
Comparison of xenon-based anaesthesia compared with total intravenous anaesthesia in high risk surgical patients*
Cardiac output measurement by pulse dye densitometry in cardiac surgery
Evaluation of femoral nerve blockade following inguinal paravascular block of Winnie
Acupressure for prevention of pre-operative anxiety
Effect of remifentanil with and without atropine on heart rate variability and RR interval in children
Effects of music on target-controlled infusion of propofol requirements during combined spinal-epidural anaesthesia*
Airway management before, during and after extubation
Experiences of families when a relative is diagnosed brain stem dead
Initial anatomic investigations of the I-gel airway
Accuracy of central venous pressure monitoring during simultaneous continuous infusion through the same catheter
Percutaneous cervical pharyngostomy
Use of remifentanil for tracheal intubation for caesarean section in a patient with suxamethonium apnoea
A serious case of failed extubation
The GlideScope® videolaryngoscope
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Helium-oxygen for asthma
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Self-administration of drugs postoperatively
Failure of a SafeBite bite protector
Failure of a SafeBite bite protector
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Head injury from an MRI compatible pulse oximeter
Flow sensor fault causing ventilator malfunction
Flow sensor fault causing ventilator malfunction
A simple model for training in one lung ventilation
Risk assessment in anaesthesia
Detachment of swivel connector from breathing circuit
Detachment of swivel connector from breathing circuit