Epidural endeavour and the pressure principle
New maintenance fluid guidelines for children
Postoperative analgesia requirements at home after inguinal hernia repair
Internal jugular vein compression to assess the correct placement of an epidural catheter in postpartum women*
Major complications of epidural analgesia after surgery
Risk factors associated with bleeding during and after percutaneous dilational tracheostomy*
EchoComTEE – a simulator for transoesophageal echocardiography
Avoidance of phrenic nerve paresis during continuous supraclavicular regional anaesthesia*
Comparison of work of breathing using drawover and continuous flow anaesthetic breathing systems in children*
Temporary epicardial pacing after cardiac surgery
Weaning units
Comparison of the single use and reusable intubating laryngeal mask airway
Tracheal intubation via the Classic™ and Proseal™ laryngeal mask airways
Evaluation of four airway training manikins as patient simulators for the insertion of eight types of supraglottic airway devices*
The accuracy of non-invasive carbon dioxide monitoring
Portal venous gas – case report and review of the literature
Peri-operative management of an adult patient with type 2N von Willebrand's disease scheduled for coronary artery bypass graft
Traumatic pulmonary pseudocysts
Advance directives
Advance directives
Who or what defines a patient's best interests?
Who or what defines a patient's best interests?
Where is the cat? ‘L'inganno del Paragone’ (the metaphor con)
Where is the cat? ‘L'inganno del Paragone’ (the metaphor con)
In defence of Pippa
Skin abscess obscured by epidural catheter fixation
Residual sedation and brain stem death testing
The i-gel™ airway for ventilation and rescue intubation
Exercise induced anaphylaxis and pregnancy
Anaesthetic implications of electronic tagging
Corrosion of Penlon sevoflurane vaporisers
Faulty sevoflurane vaporiser
A survey of stress ulcer prophylaxis in Intensive Care Units in the UK
Use of continuous positive airway pressure via a laryngeal mask airway in a morbidly obese patient
An unusual complication of a jaw thrust
Audit of peri-operative cardiac protection in elective aortic aneurysm repair
Brachial plexus block for formation of arteriovenous fistula is associated with improved patency
Increased administration of oxygen improves cerebral oxygenation during carotid endarterectomy
Targeted pre-operative echocardiography using international guidelines may influence patients' management and outcome
Cardiopulmonary exercise testing
New species of cylinder
New species of cylinder
Oxford Handbook of Critical Care for PDAs
Evidence-Based Anaesthesia and Intensive Care