Standards for simulation
‘Hardy's Law’ and genomics in Anaesthesia
Association between human opioid receptor genes polymorphisms and pressure pain sensitivity in females*
Responsiveness to stimuli of bispectral index, middle latency auditory evoked potentials and clinical scales in critically ill children
A study to assess the value of bispectral analysis in intravenous sedation with midazolam during third molar surgery under local anaesthesia
Can state or response entropy be used as a measure of sleep depth?
The effect of pneumoperitoneum and Trendelenburg position on acute cerebral blood flow–carbon dioxide reactivity under sevoflurane anaesthesia
Randomised double-blinded comparison of phenylephrine vs ephedrine for maintaining blood pressure during spinal anaesthesia for non-elective Caesarean section*
Comparison of blood pressure measured at the arm, ankle and calf
Use of a leucocyte filter to remove tumour cells from intra-operative cell salvage blood
Prevalence of difficult intubation in a bariatric population, using the beach chair position
Auricular acupuncture for postoperative pain control
A simulation design for research evaluating safety innovations in anaesthesia*
Comparison of the Glidescope®, the McGrath®, the Airtraq® and the Macintosh laryngoscopes in simulated difficult airways*
Elective intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation during a high risk liver resection
High frequency jet ventilation through the laryngeal mask airway in a critically obstructed airway
Whose duty of care? (in an epidemic)
Reflections on ‘Needlestuck’
Reflections on ‘Needlestuck’
Limitations of the comparison of fibreoptic-guided intubation through intubating laryngeal mask airway and LMA-CTrach
Limitations of the comparison of fibreoptic-guided intubation through intubating laryngeal mask airway and LMA-CTrach
Mask masks, spinal anaesthesia and meningitis
Should unmasked anaesthetists be given benefit of the doubt?
A self-powered laryngoscope
Automaticity and operator error
NHS Dentist shortage may have adverse effects for anaesthetists
A complication of the ‘atraumatic inserter’ of the Tracoe® experc percutaneous dilation tracheosotmy set
An evaluation of the B. Braun Vasofix® Safety intravenous cannula
The effect of line flush heparin contamination on thromboelastograph trace analysis
Audit of transverse abdominus plane block for analgesia following caesarean section
The antimicrobial effect of Histoacryl® skin adhesive
Paediatric tracheal tube for the exchange of tracheostomy tubes
Differences in two new rigid indirect laryngoscopes
The Airtraq Optical Laryngoscope
Clinical and cost effectiveness of an overnight Intensive Recovery (OIR) for patients undergoing complex airway and head and neck surgery in a regional unit
Review of a systematic approach for suspected difficult intubation under general anaesthesia
Use of acupuncture to reduce gagging during the insertion of an oral airway
The effect of temperature on bougies – a manikin-based study
A cohort evaluation of the i-gel airway in 100 elective patients
Pharmacokinetics and anaesthetic effects of propofol-PM
Performance characteristics of TCI devices implementing the Marsh model
Observational study on TIVA with TCI propofol and TCI remifentanil for day case gynaecological laparoscopic surgery without muscle relaxants
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