British consensus guidelines on intravenous fluid therapy for adult surgical patients (GIFTASUP) - Cassandra's view
Effects of moderate acute isovolaemic haemodilution on myocardial function in patients undergoing coronary surgery under volatile inhalational anaesthesia
The effect of esmolol on the QTc interval during induction of anaesthesia in patients with coronary artery disease
The relationship between cerebral and somatic oxygenation and superior and inferior vena cava flow, arterial oxygenation and pressure in infants during cardiopulmonary bypass *
The efficacy of a smoking cessation programme in patients undergoing elective surgery - a randomised clinical trial
Ambulation in labour and delivery mode
Effect of epidural saline washout on regression of sensory and motor block after epidural anaesthesia with 2% lidocaine and fentanyl in elderly patients
A prospective study of the time to evacuate acute subdural and extradural haematomas *
Ketamine or alfentanil administration prior to propofol anaesthesia
Performance of four carbon dioxide absorbents in experimental and clinical settings
Assessing the performance of a consultant anaesthetist by control chart methodology *
A retrospective study of anaesthetic caseload of Specialist Registrars following the introduction of new working patterns in the Wessex region *
Remifentanil in paediatric anaesthetic practice
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Optimising tracheal intubation success rate using the Airtraq laryngoscope
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Comparison of the Glidescope® and Airtraq® optical laryngoscopes in patients undergoing direct microlaryngoscopy
Modelling patient flows to aid decision making for critical care capacities and organisation
A NICE idea or a high price to pay? Local assessment of national guidelines
Alternatives to glucose-insulin-potassium infusions
Alternatives to glucose-insulin-potassium infusions
Target driven analgesia for total knee arthroplasty
Target driven analgesia for total knee arthroplasty
Fault in Blease Frontline 860 anaesthetic machine
Fault in Blease Frontline 860 anaesthetic machine
Blocked scavenging causing increased FiCO2
Primary hypopituitarism and peri-operative steroid supplementation
Phenytoin toxicity masquerading as motor neurone disease
One millilitre could make all the difference!
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