Another kind of ethics
Are we using our brains? Diagnosis of postoperative cognitive dysfunction
Resuscitation guidelines 2010
Comparison of the LMA Supreme vs the i-gel™ in paralysed patients undergoing gynaecological laparoscopic surgery with controlled ventilation *
The analgesic efficacy of continuous wound instillation with ropivacaine after open hepatic surgery
A paramedic study comparing the use of the Airtraq®, Airway Scope and Macintosh laryngoscopes in simulated prehospital airway scenarios *
The effect of anaesthesia and aortic clamping on cardiac output measurement using arterial pulse power analysis during aortic aneurysm repair *
Comparison of phenylephrine hydrochloride and mephentermine sulphate for prevention of post spinal hypotension
Efficacy of mirtazapine in preventing intrathecalmorphine-induced nausea and vomiting after orthopaedic surgery *
The analysis of variance in anaesthetic research
Thoracic paravertebral anaesthesia for awake video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery daily
Needlestick injuries
Need(le)less confusion
Needlestick injury
Testing of incapacitated patients for blood-borne disease is ethical
Cell salvage and leucocyte depletion filters
Fibrinogen concentrate use during major obstetric haemorrhage
Amniotic fluid embolism diagnosed by fibre-optic bronchoscopy
Aspiration testing and epidural filters
A two-bougie technique for safer oro- to nasotracheal tube exchange in a difficult airway
Tracheostomy ventilation using a laryngeal mask as a ‘bridge to extubation’
Torsades de pointes
Cartoons and the art of paediatric inhalational induction
A reproducible, mechanical method for validating claims for ‘non-interconnectability to Luer’ for non-Luer spinal and epidural equipment, using an electronic force gauge and syringe driver
Design and validation of an obstetric modified early warning score
Going the extra mile
The impact of Intralipid on methaemoglobin production when added to human blood incubated with glyceryl trinitrate
The effect of Intralipid pretreatment on glyceryl trinitrate induced methaemoglobinaemia in vitro
Evaluation of the Ambu aScope, a new single-use flexible videoscope
Phthalate release from tracheal tubes and ventilator tubing
The predictive value of interleukin-6 for cognitive function after carotid endarterectomy
Boxing clever
Monitoring of central venous pressure via the proximal lumen of central venous catheters
Audit of transfer of patients with brain injury by the emergency medical retrieval service, Glasgow
A national survey of central venous pressure monitoring for women with severe pre-eclampsia
Survey of gabapentin usage in substance misuse
Postoperative nausea and vomiting after elective caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia
Structured intra-operative anaesthetic handover
National audit of recovery room standards
Advanced airway management equipment
The WHO checklist - not just a tickbox exercise
Thromboelastography versus routine laboratory testing in the obstetric unit
A national survey of syringe swap anaesthetic drug errors
The incidence and severity of aortic stenosis in an unselected patient population admitted with a hip fracture - the role of routine pre-operative bedside echocardiography
Audit of peri-operative statin therapy in a central teaching hospital
Quality control in audit
Management of massive obstetric haemorrhage using an intraosseous needle, cell salvage, oesophageal Doppler monitoring and recombinant factor VIIa
A case of blunt tracheal trauma
Mistaken identity
Cerebral salt wasting syndrome following drainage of acute hydrocephalus secondary to tuberculous meningitis - a case report
Management of the patient with a spinal cord stimulation device undergoing major bowel surgery - a case report
Case report of venous air embolism confirmed by chest radiograph and audit of central venous catheters and venous air embolism prevention
MCQs for the Primary FRCA