Case reports of novel treatments - proper evaluation before clinical use
The role of the autonomic nervous system in acute surgical pain processing - what do we know?
Time for capnography - everywhere
GlideScope® vs flexible fibreoptic scope for elective intubation in obese patients*
Estimating the time needed for induction of anaesthesia and its importance in balancing anaesthetists' and surgeons' waiting times around the start of surgery
Comparison of the Mapleson C system and adult and paediatric self-inflating bags for delivering guideline-consistent ventilation during simulated adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation*
The use of a sound-enabled device to measure pressure during insertion of an epidural catheter in women in labour
One vs two applications of chlorhexidine/ethanol for disinfecting the skin: implications for regional anaesthesia*
Clinical evaluation of the Levitan Optical Stylet*
Non-invasive prediction of fluid responsiveness in infants using pleth variability index
The correlation between cauda equina nerve root volume and sensory block height after spinal anaesthesia with glucose-free bupivacaine
A pilot study of the dose-response of caudal methylprednisolone with levobupivacaine in chronic lower back pain*
Outcomes in vascular surgical patients with isolated postoperative troponin leak: a meta-analysis
Stellate ganglion blockade for analgesia following upper limb surgery
Case report: spontaneous coronary artery dissection during elective caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia
Who requires irradiated blood products?
Resuscitation guidelines 2010
Accuracy of surface landmark identification for cannula cricothyroidotomy
Accuracy of surface landmark identification for cannula cricothyroidotomy
Elective use of cannula cricothyroidotomy
All of a sudden the screen went blank!
All of a sudden the screen went blank!
Complications associated with introduction of new neuraxial equipment
Equipment changes and magnetic resonance imaging compatibility
An unusual source of air during regional anaesthesia
An unusual source of air during regional anaesthesia
Accidental arterial cannulation in a child
Blood clot causing airway obstruction and the use of jet ventilation
Litigation relating to central and peripheral venous access by anaesthetists
Never events and the dangers of distraction
Videolaryngoscopy and Cormack and Lehane grading
Use of the iPad in paediatric anaesthesia
Survey of iPhone usage among anaesthetists in England
Improving patient safety in critical care: multidisciplinary high fidelity simulation training
Workplace-based critical incident simulations for a multidisciplinary team: a model for exploring human factors, non-technical skills and crisis resource management
Simultaneous linked multi-professional simulation improves team training in acute care
Neuro SIM: simulation-based induction programme
Evaluating ‘REACT’: a pilot patient safety and human factors training course
Organising a novice anaesthetists' course: conception to completion
Assessment of non-technical skills using key index cases in anaesthesia
The SMART course can change attitudes to simulator training and non-technical skills in the anaesthesia team
Introduction of a novel online epidural training course for midwives: evaluation of the pilot cohort
Popularity of anaesthesia and intensive care among foundation doctors: the effect of ALS courses and specialty experience
Computer-based instruction for novices in regional anaesthesia: video versus PowerPoint
Difficult airway management and service improvement: impact of a half-day course for anaesthesia practitioners
Role of Turning Point™ technology in single best answer question practice sessions
Human factors airway training (HAT) - demand and supply!
A need for operating department practitioner training in technical and non-technical skills in the ‘can't intubate, can't ventilate’ scenario
Anesthesia Secrets: Questions you will be asked (4th edn)
Drugs in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (4th edn)
Notices of Retraction
Notices of Retraction
Notices of Retraction
Notices of Retraction
Notices of Retraction
Notices of Retraction