General anaesthesia for acute abdomen in children: there is no place for classic rapid sequence induction technique
Acute pain on the labour ward: Transient Osteoporosis of the Hip in pregnancy - a differential diagnosis of peri-partum hip pain
Real-time in-plane ultrasound guided interpleural catheter insertion for analgesia after traumatic rib fractures
A variation on the theme of epidural filter failure: complete uterine rupture undetected by the ‘epidural sieve’
When bones are on the (air)way: giant anterior cervical osteophyte causing airway compromise
A case report of rhabdomyolysis and pressure sores following hypotensive anaesthesia and prolonged surgery in the prone position
The curious case of the cardiac arrest in the cardiologist - Intraoperative gelofusine anaphylaxis complicated by Kounis Syndrome
Mastectomy and latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction performed under general anaesthesia with bi-level thoracic paravertebral catheters
Abdominal wall haematoma: an unusual complication of ultrasound guided transversus abdominis plane block
Predictors of post-operative sore throat in intubated children
The effectiveness of simulation for improving inter-professional communication in the operating theatre: a systematic literature review
The performance of an aneroid endotracheal cuff pressure manometer at altitude: a validation exercise
The effects of simulated helicopter transfer conditions on cognitive performance
Interoperator variation in depth measurement when using ultrasound to measure the depth of the lumbar epidural space
An assessment of the binding and sequestration effect of digoxin by intravenous lipid emulsion in vitro
Comparison of flow characteristics of Luer and non-Luer intrathecal needles
Patterns of skill acquisition in practical procedures
Comparison of fibrescope guided intubation through the Ambu Aura-i, i-gel and ILMA in a manikin
Investigating the effect of ionisation on the behaviour of lipophilic drugs in an intravenous lipid emulsion sink in vitro
Introduction of a standardised, paper guideline folder improves access to anaesthetic guidelines in theatre
Spinal cord stimulation reduces anginal severity at long-term follow up
Are we overdosing our elderly patients? - an audit estimating age-adjusted MAC in patients >70 years undergoing major surgery
The prevalence of preoperative anaemia and postoperative blood product usage in patients undergoing elective hip and knee surgery: a retrospective audit.
Administration of intravenous diclofenac by anaesthetists: Do we deviate from the product licence?
Adult Intra-Osseous Needles: An audit examining understanding of recent guidelines and use
Oxytocin doses for Caesarean section: A standardised approach
Remifentanil PCA for labour: completing the audit cycle
Management and follow-up of patients presenting with neurological complications of regional anaesthesia in the post-partum period: a service evaluation
Overnight Operating Audit
Case Report: Peripartum Cardiomyopathy initially treated as Pulmonary Embolism
Tachyarrhythmia on induction of anaesthesia in a child with Hurler's syndrome
Anaesthesia in a young man with diabetic neuropathic cachexia, autonomic dysfunction and gastroparesis
A dermatological dilemma complicating choice of anaesthesia for emergency caesarean delivery
The challenge of preoperative anaemia management in a Jehovah's Witness patient
Idiosyncratic fatal reaction to minocycline
Investigating stroke volume agreement between ODM and NICOM cardiac output monitors
Barriers to the successful implementation of the WHO surgical safety checklist
An observational study of maintenance gas flows employed by anaesthetists in a south coast district general hospital
No drain, no pain: converting interpleural chest drainage to interpleural catheter analgesia
A longitudinal, in-plane oblique approach to the ultrasound guided intercostal nerve block: A safe new slant on a useful block.
Communicating laryngoscopic view: agreement between Cormack-Lehane classification and percentage of glottic opening score.
The influence of anaesthetic expertise on post-operative outcomes in patients undergoing elective major colorectal surgery
The use of ‘Bath fp’ software, an engineering model, to study the coaxial circle breathing system
The effects of fresh gas flow rates and size of breathing system leak on circle emptying time and time to ventilator alarming in a positive pressure ventilation model
Maintaining paediatric anaesthetic skills in the district general hospital - the Portsmouth approach
Open transversus abdominis plane block: Description and evaluation of a new technique for analgesia post abdominal surgery
A theoretical multivariate model describing the in vitro suppression by Intralipid 20% on glyceryl trinitrate induced methaemoglobin formation in whole human blood over time
A comparison of the ability of unprocessed soyabean oil and lipid emulsion to sequester phenytoin in vitro
Exploring the errors made by newly qualified doctors in acute care contexts using high fidelity simulation
Effects of Recruitment maneuver with CPAP before extubation on postoperative atelectasis for the Trendelenburg position, pneumoperitoneum patients
Comparison of the effect of retrograde infraclavicular brachial plexus block after two different types of muscle contraction elicited by nerve stimulator
Survey of sterile practice for single-shot femoral nerve and fascia iliaca blocks in Scotland
A survey of current obstetric anaesthesia training
Caloric intake from nutritional replacement & Propofol in a neurointensive care unit: a repeat survey
Acute neuropathic pain and acute pain services: National survey of clinical practice
Do not attempt resuscitation (DNAR) orders in the critical care setting
A national survey of the tests used to confirm correct nasogastric tube placement in adult intensive care units
Current opinion amongst anaesthetists regarding anaesthetic provision for DC cardioversion.
Peri-operative anticholinergic medication usage in older orthopaedic patients - is there an association with post-operative confusion?
Fascia iliaca block outside the operating theatre - A survey of non-anaesthetists
Study leave and study budgets - the college tutors' perspective
National Survey of Anaesthesia for Hip and Knee Replacements
Emergency Laparotomies: A Prospective Observational Survey
Comparison of dural puncture rates between two epidural insertion techniques
Perioperative multidisciplinary management of operative fixation of limb fracture(s) during pregnancy
Current practice of blood transfusion for hip fracture patients in the UK: A survey of members of National Hip Fracture Anaesthesia Network (HipFAN)
Service evaluation of the perioperative use of tramadol in children
Survey regarding steroid preparation and dose of local anaesthetic used for epidural transforaminal injections among pain specialists in the UK
Survey of anaesthetic trainees' attitudes towards physicians assistants (anaesthesia)
Closing the audit cycle: simulator based training in obstetric anaesthesia
A survey of emergency hip fracture analgesia and morbidity/mortality at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
Paternal anxiety and satisfaction in elective caesarean section
Perioperative epidural analgesia: where to care?
Guideline for management of postpartum sensory neurological deficits
Myth and reality: a survey to determine anaesthetists' knowledge and attitudes governing low-flow anaesthesia
Opportunities to learn the skill of indirect laryngoscopy
Advanced airway management in the emergency department
Emergency laparotomy outcomes in the elderly-a DGH experience
Preoperative identification and treatment of sepsis
Audit cycle of caesarean section thromboprophylaxis following introduction of RCOG green-top guideline number 37
Record-keeping during Caesarean section: closing the loop a decade later!
Drug duplication - fact or fiction?
The administration of topical airway lignocaine prior to endotracheal intubation in children
Thromboelastography use in cardiac surgery and anaesthesia: Have the tides finally turned?
Pregnancy status before an operation
In pursuit of happiness - what really matters to patients
Patient satisfaction with day of surgery admission for major surgery
Preoperative fasting; an evaluation of practice and ward staff understanding
Patient satisfaction survey (PSS): Face to face interview. Performance and care shown by anaesthetists.
The impact of increased availability of sugammadex on perioperative management of neuromuscular blockade in an Australian teaching hospital.
Dural taps in labour obstetric epidurals: cumulative summation as a measure of departmental performance
Cost benefit analysis of intravenous paracetamol usage in theatre/recovery in Greater Glasgow and Clyde West Sector
A re-audit of pre operative investigations following the introduction of local department guidelines in a district general hospital
A comparison of the efficacy and side effects of neostigmine and sugammadex in the reversal of non-depolarising muscle relaxants
Do patients receive adequate pain relief in the recovery room?
Audit of preoperative consent documentation for regional anaesthetic techniques
Impact of CMACE obesity in pregnancy report on out of hours workload for senior staff in obstetric units
Epidural failure and a rescue protocol: influence on hospital stay in colorectal surgery
Intrathecal diamorphine analgesia for abdominal hysterectomy
Surgical approach, analgesic technique and length of stay in colorectal surgery
TAP blocks and length of stay in laparoscopic colorectal surgery
Day case anaesthesia and the breastfeeding mother
Influence of the epidural analgesic in the result labour: Levobupivacaine versus Ropivacaine
Pre-operative resting echo: what does it really tell us?
Resuscitation training for anaesthetic trainees in the north west
Standard Operating Procedures for Anaesthetic Emergencies: Designing and Testing Using Simulation
Difficult airway set location-knowledge among anaesthetists
Does the introduction of a proforma improve documentation of epidural insertion?
Prospective audit of anaesthetic techniques for elective and emergency caesarean sections at a district general hospital
An audit of creatinine kinase levels following prolonged surgery in a district general hospital
Clinical audit of anaesthetic recording keeping at the Adelaide and Meath National Children's Hospital
Handover of responsibility for patients in the post anaesthetic care unit
Audit of admissions to ICU as service provision changes
The effect of intraoperative cell salvage on postoperative haemoglobin concentration
Complications of combined spinal-epidural anaesthesia for Caesarean section in a large district general hospital
Middle ear and mastoid surgery audit of postoperative nausea, vomiting and analgesia
Low flow anaesthesia: Education matters
Audit assessing adherence to the updated AAGBI guidelines for local anaesthetic toxicity at Salisbury district hospital
Sedation during Regional Anaesthesia: Patient Expectation and Experience