Putting the record straight: granisetron′s efficacy as an antiemetic ‘post-Fujii’
Lessons from liver transplantation
Death by regional block: can the analgesic benefits ever outweigh the risks?
A meta-analysis of prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting: randomised controlled trials by Fujii et al. compared with other authors
A comparison of intra-operative blood loss and acid–base balance between vasopressor and inotrope strategy during living donor liver transplantation: a randomised, controlled study
Effects of sugammadex and rocuronium mast cell number and degranulation in rat liver
Haemodynamics in women with untreated pre-eclampsia *
Epidural catheter connectors: a laboratory-based comparison of the Portex Tuohy-Borst and EpiFuse™ designs *
Quantitative analysis of changes in blood concentrations and ‘presumed effect-site concentration’ of sevoflurane during one-lung ventilation
A national service evaluation of the impact of alcohol on admissions to Scottish intensive care units *
Evaluation of radial and ulnar blood flow after radial artery cannulation with 20- and 22-gauge cannulae using duplex Doppler ultrasound
Modulation of pain sensation by stress-related testosterone and cortisol
An evaluation of the ability of leucocyte depletion filters to remove components of amniotic fluid *
Platelet mapping as part of modified thromboelastography (TEG®) in patients undergoing cardiac surgery and cardiopulmonary bypass
Catastrophic complication of an interscalene catheter for continuous peripheral nerve block analgesia
‘Optimal’ catheter positions in the superior vena cava?
The ‘Magic Eye®’ method of rhythm assessment
Labetalol for hypertensive pulmonary oedema in pregnancy
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Variation in costs of emergency laparotomy following a multicentre national audit
Sugammadex and rocuronium-induced anaphylaxis
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Plethysmographic variability index: everywhere for everyone?
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Medical simulation in ‘my world’
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Systematic underestimation of blood loss
Is the Blood Loss Score universally acceptable?
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Anaesthesia machine check
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Measurement of forces during direct laryngoscopy and videolaryngoscopy
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The following abstracts were presented at the Scottish Society of Anaesthetists Annual Meeting in Crieff, Perthshire, May 2012
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