An interesting case of unilateral tinnitis following dural puncture
Acute postoperative pulmonary oedema induced by licorice root
Total airway obstruction under general anaesthesia caused by a vagal nerve stimulator
A case of accidental acid-citrate-dextrose solution A (ACD-A) infusion in a post-partum patient
Local Anaesthetic Resistance
Trans-urethral resection (TUR) syndrome with saline irrigation: a case series
Case report: peripartum maternal collapse - diagnosis and management
A local evaluation of the use of 2% hyperbaric spinal prilocaine.
To do or not to do: Caesarean Section and Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Breaking the ultra-sound barrier: successful CVC placement in a patient with subcutaneous emphysema
Muscle fatigue during fibreoptic intubation: Ambu aScope 2 vs Storz BD-2 fibreoptic intubating scope
Actively warming patients with a mattress during Caesarean section reduces the incidence of hypothermia and attenuates fall in haemoglobin.
Patient confidentiality and internet fora - a word of warning
Exorcising ghosts from phantoms - A description of a simple, low-cost gelatine-based material for practising ultrasound guided techniques which is recyclable and can be remodelled.
Post-operative hypernatraemia increases risk of death at 30 days in patients presenting with fractured neck of femur in a south coast district general hospital
Randomised crossover comparison of the tulip airway compared with the guedel airway for inexperienced users in a manikin
Endotracheal suctioning and negative intrathoracic pressure generation - are we running a risk?
A laboratory evaluation of the effect of pH on the sequestration of sodium valproate by Intralipid
Retrospective analysis: Incidence of coagulopathy in obstetric cholestasis at the Princess Ann Hospital (PAH), Southampton
Non-invasive measurement of brainstem blood flow in normocapnia and hypercapnia using arterial spin labelling MRI
An audit and cost analysis of changes in hip fracture management at Worthing hospital following a CQC/HQIP initiated assessment, using data collected one year pre and one year post
Tranexamic acid use in cardiothoracic surgery. Survey of current practice.
The ‘Rubbish Project’: using data to drive change in the waste disposal culture in the operating theatres.
Introduction of an Integrated Care Pathway for Emergency Laparotomies Saves Lives
Title: Pain relief during Brachial plexus block- can I(We) use topical Local Anaesthetic cream?
Audio Visual aids as an alternative to sedation during hip and knee arthroplasty
Improving documentation in the referral of critically ill children: Introduction of a joint anaesthetic/paediatric proforma
Validation of the modified early obstetric warning system (MEOWS)
Improving the Safety of Procedural Sedation
Lean transformation of IOCS practice in a teaching hospital birth centre; an audit of efficacy and cost
Handover of the anaesthetic emergency workload
Improving anaesthetic safety in an Ethiopian Specialised Hospital: a pathway approach
Simulated evaluation of non luer devices used in neuraxial anaesthesia.
A survey of anaesthetists' knowledge on the initial investigation of suspected anaphylaxis under anaesthesia
An early warning scoring system to detect complications of epidural analgesia
Assessing the safety of resuscitation suction equipment on medical and surgical wards in a south coast district general hospital
An observational study of CoPILOT, a standardised operating protocol for Operating Department Practitioners, during a simulated difficult airway scenario
Patient Safety & Human Factors Training - A Pilot Project Delivered by Trainees, For Trainees.
Blood transfusion protocol, regional hospital group safety initiative
Acute care simulation training: Enhancing patient safety by improving non-technical skills
The perceived value of multidisciplinary simulation training in obstetric emergencies
Central venous catheter removal trust guidelines
Implementation of a return to work programme
Unilateral injuries to Hypoglossal and lingual nerves following use of Laryngeal Mask Airway
Transient isolated right hand weakness: an unexpected complication of combined spinal epidural anaesthesia for labour
Basic echocardiography in ICU - a trainee perspective
Opiod tolerance….is it common?
Beliefs regarding the use of blood products and haematological support in pregnant Jehovah's Witnesses in an obstetric tertiary referral centre. A retrospective review.
A tale of the unexpected
Sensitivity to intravenous anaesthetic agents in a patient with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
Progressive encephalomyelitis with rigidity and myoclonus: a case of anaesthesia in the presence of glycine receptor antibodies
Caesarean section for recurrent spontaneous pneumothorax
Athlete's heart syndrome
Multifactoral hyperlactataemia in the post operative patient
Quality of documentation for conversion of regional anaesthesia to general anaesthesia during caesarean section
Audit of perioperative practice in elective colorectal surgery
Hours of work: trainees and consultant anaesthetists
Early complications following paediatric tonsillectomy - making the case for day case?
Using human factors simulation training to improve emergency response to anaesthetic crises
Current blood transfusion practice in patients undergoing emergency surgery for femoral neck fractures
Audit on management of warfarin therapy in patients undergoing elective non-cardiac surgery
Effect of developments in peri-operative care on short term outcomes following elective major surgery
Intubations in the Critically Ill……A Second Look.
Emergency transfer of patients into a neurosurgical intensive care unit
The impact of the hawthorne effect on post-operative transfusion rates in primary lower limb arthroplasty
‘Do as I say, not as I do’ - A comparison of surveyed reported LMA insertion technique against an audit of practice.
The prevalence of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and respiratory arrest in bariatric surgical patients. A single units experience.
Uptake of obstetric ultrasound guided Transversus Abdominis Plane (TAP) block in a London teaching Hospital
National survey of LMA size selection and cuff pressure monitoring in the operating theatres in the UK
Efficacy of bispectral index monitoring as an adjunct to sedation during awake intubation
Too much information? Patients' views of an Anaesthetic Preoperative Information Leaflet
An audit of the effectiveness of renal replacement therapy in the adult intensive care unit.
Analgesia and thromboprophylaxis after caesarean section. A re-audit of drug administration and a patient survey of pain scores and satisfaction with post-operative pain relief.
Audit of impact of emergency daytime theatre utilisation on out-of-hours activity
Taking a NAP. A survey of the use of eye signs under anaesthesia and their perceived relevance to contemporary anaesthesia.
The use of tranexamic acid for hip and knee replacement surgery.
Preventing surgical site infection (SSI) -are we getting it right with antibiotics?
Anaesthetic management of retained placenta
An audit regarding provision of information about epidural analgesia during pregnancy
Emergency laparotomy: how do we compare to the preliminary national audit results?
Local infiltration analgesia or nerve blocks for uni-compartmental knee arthroplasty
Documentation of consent for obstetric neuraxial blockade
A one-year retrospective survey of red cell transfusion practice in a large obstetric unit
Oral vs rectal analgesia for caesarean section: an audit cycle
Survey of post-operative tracheal extubation practices at a district general hospital.
Pain teaching for foundation year 1 doctors.
Cricoid pressure training -Obstetrics Difficult intubation- can we say no to cricoid pressure?
Non operative acute pain
Subcutaneous cannula for morphine administration after low segment caesarean section - more trouble than it's worth.
Patient satisfaction and pain scores in gynaecology oncology patients with rectus sheath catheters following laparotomy.
Documentation of venous thromboprophylaxis in neurointensive care unit (NICU)
A service evaluation of post analgesia in major colorectal surgical patients with enhanced recovery
Avoiding delivery of hypoxic gas mixtures
Audit of laryngoscopy in 94 bariatric surgical patients
Audit of cricoid pressure with a simple teaching session to improve safety and effectiveness
Prospective audit to assess emergency drug preparation and use in theatre
An audit of the use of compliance with the acid aspiration prophylaxis protocol used in obstetric anaesthetic practice in a south coast district general hospital
High Pressure Source Ventilation- Training and Experience in a London Teaching Hospital
Audit of labour analgesia in a busy district level obstetric unit
An analysis of the use of routine cell salvage for caesarean section in a south coast district general hospital.
Propofol and remifentanil sedation for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.
WHO's WHO in the operating theatre?
The Utilisation of Oesophageal Doppler in Emergency Laparotomies: Identifying the High Risk Cases
Are We Stopping the Clot in the Obese Obstetric Population? LMWH Thromboprophylaxis Post-Caesarean Section.
To Block or Not to Block? Anaesthetists' Perceptions of Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia.
An Audit of Postoperative Oxygen Prescription
Peri-operative Transoesophageal Echocardiography, how helpful is it? A Change in Practice after 5 Years?
Attitudes towards use of nitrous oxide amongst trainee anaesthetists
Documentation of neuraxial block for caesarean section
Retrospective audit of 50 difficult intubations at a district general hospital
A survey of antibiotic prophylaxis for caesarean section in South-West England
Outcomes after laparoscopic cholecystectomy - a patient satisfaction survey.
A survey of haemodynamic monitoring during elective and emergency laparotomy surgery
Design of a trainee centred Sheffield Fast-track scoring system
Service evaluation of outcomes in long stay CICU patients
Prospective audit to determine endotracheal tube and laryngeal mask airway cuff pressures during general anaesthesia.
Effect of NSAIDs on renal function in post-nephrectomy patients - a pilot study and literature review looking at their safety
Use of a multimodal strategy to reduce post-operative nausea and vomiting after paediatric strabismus surgery
An audit of adequacy of post-operative pain relief after discharge from urological day-case surgery
Predicting readmissions to critical care: an evaluation of specific patient parameters
Reducing obstetric blood transfusions
Analgesia following Ivor Lewis gastro-oesophagectomy
Adherence to royal college of anaesthetists guidelines on pain scores in recovery and prescription of analgesics and anti-emetics
Antacid prophylaxis in obstetric patients
Where to start? A pan-Thames review of novice anaesthetic training.
Codeine prescription postnatally: a survey of uk practice
Improving epidural outcomes: A complete audit cycle
Critical care admissions post cardiac arrest: what has changed over the last ten years?
Multimodal analgesic regime post Caesarean section - what are we missing?
The use of Local Anaesthetic continuous wound infusion catheters after anterior lumbar disc surgery
The effect of Remifentanil on the intra operative and post operative requirements of morphine
A survey of rapid sequence induction technique and confidence amongst trainees within the London Deanery.
Removal of LMA in deeply anaesthetised versus awake children
Preoperative remifentanil test used to predict its requirement and adverse events: a prospective cohort study
Deviation from classic rapid sequence induction technique of general anaesthesia: Outcome in a series of 224 high-risk cases
Investigating the mechanisms of methaemoglobin production by prilocaine and benzocaine metabolites in human blood.
Core temperature changes following lower limb tourniquet deflation in patients receiving sub-arachnoid anaesthesia for knee arthroplasty
A partial and retrospective evaluation of the AAGBI Working Party reasons for delaying surgery for hip fracture in a cohort of patients and their effect on 30 day mortality from a South Coast District General Hospital.
The occasional thoracotomist - which tool is top?
Outcomes for trial of labour after caesarean section (TOLAC) and effect of epidural analgesia
Use of plagiarism detection software for Anaesthesia submissions
Detection of overlapping text in articles from Anaesthesia News
How accurate is STOP-BANG in predicting obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) in the bariatric population?
Observational study of haemoglobin trend during an elective caesarean section
The Traffic Light Bougie: A study of a novel safety modification.
Evaluating the effectiveness of the Nottingham Hip Fracture Score in predicting 30 day mortality for patients with fractured neck of femur in a south coast district general hospital
An in vitro comparison of the sequestration effect of intravenous lipid emulsion on three drugs with similar log P values: further insights to determine the utility of lipid rescue
Pharyngeal pressures produced by different throat pack insertion techniques - outcomes of a mannequin study
A comparison of lipid-sink sequestration of carbamazepine presented in albumin or in albumin-free solution.
Investigating the potential for simultaneous use of intravenous lipid emulsion and methylene blue for local anaesthetic toxicity associated with methaemoglobinemia
The effect of pH on drug ionisation and consequential ‘lipid sink’ sequestration: a visual demonstration using surrogate dye solutions
Calculation of paediatric emergency drug volumes under pressure - a multi-centred prospective observational study