Who knows how many anaesthetists we need?
Remifentanil for labour analgesia: time to draw breath?
Remifentanil for labour analgesia: a double-blinded, randomised controlled trial of maternal and neonatal effects of patient-controlled analgesia versus continuous infusion
Modified patient-controlled remifentanil bolus delivery regimen for labour pain*
The effect of pre-procedure anxiety on sedative requirements for sedation during colonoscopy
A double-blinded randomised controlled study of the value of sequential intravenous and oral magnesium therapy in patients with chronic low back pain with a neuropathic component
A randomised comparison of variable-frequency automated mandatory boluses with a basal infusion for patient-controlled epidural analgesia during labour and delivery
The effect of inner tube placement on resistance and work of breathing through tracheostomy tubes: a bench test
Cardiac arrest in an obstetric patient using remifentanil patient-controlled analgesia
Immediate post-anaesthesia recovery 2013: Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland
Remifentanil PCA for labour analgesia
Pre-operative echocardiography for hip fracture patients
Routine echocardiography or invasive blood pressure monitoring for fractured neck of femur?
Pre-operative echocardiography
A reply
Anaesthetic awareness and hypnosis
Cognitive states and the isolated forearm technique – time to be objective and dispassionate
A reply
Ensuring a sustainable supply of drugs
Comparing sugammadex and neostigmine reversal of neuromuscular blockade in laparoscopic surgery
A reply
Failure of prefilled thiopental to induce anaesthesia
Coloured drug labels and prefilled syringes – another mistake waiting to happen
All Bermans are not created equal
Manufacturer's reply
Pelvic angle during caesarean section
Chronic pain after venous cannulation
Muscle fatigue during fibre-optic intubation
An audit and cost analysis of changes in hip fracture management at Worthing hospital
A randomised controlled trial to assess the use of a carbon polymer warming mattress during Caesarean section delivery
Patient confidentiality and internet fora - a word of warning
An early warning scoring system to detect complications of epidural analgesia
Use of blood products and haematological support in pregnant Jehovah's Witnesses in an obstetric tertiary referral centre
The Rubbish Project′: using data to drive change in the waste disposal culture in the operating theatre
Instruments for the occasional thoracotomist
Randomised crossover comparison of the Tulip® and the Guedel airway - a manikin study
Use of STOP-BANG to predict obstructive sleep apnoea in the bariatric population
The risk of generating negative intrathoracic pressure during tracheal suction
A laboratory evaluation of the effect of pH on the sequestration of sodium valproate by Intralipid
Trust guidelines for central venous catheter removal
Trans-urethral resection syndrome with saline irrigation: a case series
The Traffic Light Bougie: a study of a novel safety modification
Implementation of a return to work programme
Improving documentation in the referral of critically ill children
Improving the safety of procedural sedation
Non-invasive measurement of brainstem blood flow
Improving anaesthetic safety in an Ethiopian specialised hospital using a pathway approach
Unilateral tinnitis after dural puncture
Diagnosis and management following peripartum maternal collapse
Accidental acid-citrate-dextrose solution-A infusion in a post-partum patient
Acute postoperative pulmonary oedema induced by liquorice root
Clinical outcome data, comparative performance reports, and revalidation
Acute kidney injury following elective endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair
Difference in blood pressure measurements between arms in vascular patients
Oxygen consumption before and after major vascular surgery
Peri-operative antiplatelet therapy for carotid endarterectomy
Predicting respiratory failure in abdominal aortic aneurysm Repair
Randomised trial of fibrinogen concentrate in major aortic surgery
Renal protection with N-Acetylcysteine during endovascular surgery
Thoracic and fenestrated endovascular aortic repair: outcomes from a newly formed specialised vascular unit
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