Editorial note
The incidence of intra-operative awareness in the UK: under the rate or under the radar?
Charting change on the labour ward
A national survey of anaesthetists (NAP5 Baseline) to estimate an annual incidence of accidental awareness during general anaesthesia in the UK
Design and internal validation of an obstetric early warning score: secondary analysis of the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre Case Mix Programme database
Multi-dimensional response–probability–dose curves for bupivacaine and ropivacaine epidural labour analgesia 1
Investigation of phthalate release from tracheal tubes 1
Ultrasound-guided femoral catheter placement: a randomised comparison of the in-plane and out-of-plane techniques
Propofol and memory: a study using a process dissociation procedure and functional magnetic resonance imaging
Pain measures and cut-offs – ‘no worse than mild pain’ as a simple, universal outcome
Haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in a patient with severe burns
Hemiarthroplasty performed under transversus abdominis plane block in a patient with severe cardiorespiratory disease
‘Hats and caps’ capnography training on intensive care
Arachnoidits and antiseptic guidelines
Arachnoiditis: capillary action and chlorhexidine
Arachnoiditis: are we accusing the wrong agent(s)?
Arachnoiditis: time to return to povidone-iodine-alcohol for skin preparation before neuraxial blockade?
Arachnoiditis: alcohol or chlorhexidine?
Arachnoiditis: is chlorhexidine spray a safe option?
Clinical evaluation of non-Luer needle and syringe systems
Clinical evaluation of non-Luer needle and syringe systems
Air transport monitoring
Air transport monitoring
Tracheal intubation with a camera embedded in the tube tip
Obstruction in a breathing circuit
Obstruction in a breathing circuit
A new approach to pectoralis block
Accuracy and precision of the USCOM: does a meta-analysis provide the answer?
Pneumomediastinum related to distal tracheal diverticulum
Out-of-plane brachial plexus block with a novel SonixGPSTM needle tracking system
Ultrasound-guided perineural circumferential median nerve block in carpal tunnel syndrome
Self-expanding foam-filled tracheostomy tube cuffs and the management of airway emergencies
Self-expanding foam-filled tracheostomy tube cuffs and the management of airway emergencies
The role of brain natriuretic peptide in obesity-related dyspnoea
The effect of a bariatric surgical service on intensive care workload
Post-operative quality of recovery scores following laparoscopic gastric bypass
Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and non-medical prescribing
An electronic pathway for the management of peri-operative anticoagulation
Audit of the Epworth Sleepiness Score
Complicance with enoxaparin self-administration
Pain control and patient satisfaction following shoulder surgery
Cutaneous distribution after brachial plexus blockade
Pain relief and patient satisfaction after hemi-thyroidectomy
Transdermal fentanyl after total knee replacement
Penehcyclidine and awareness during anaesthesia: caution with zero numerators