Alarms are still a problem!
Sugammadex to rescue a ‘can't ventilate’ scenario in an anticipated difficult intubation: is it the answer?
The quick and the dead
Intra-operative monitoring – many alarms with minor impact
The association of the distance walked in 6 min with pre-operative peak oxygen consumption and complications 1 month after colorectal resection *
Human factors in the development of complications of airway management: preliminary evaluation of an interview tool
An ultrasound needle insertion guide in a porcine phantom model
Chlorhexidine cleaning of re-usable bougies *
Near-infrared light to aid peripheral intravenous cannulation in children: a cluster randomised clinical trial of three devices *
Intra-operative correction of acidosis, coagulopathy and hypothermia in combat casualties with severe haemorrhagic shock
Left endobronchial intubation with a double-lumen tube using direct laryngoscopy or the Trachway® video stylet *
Spinal haematoma after removal of a thoracic epidural catheter in a patient with coagulopathy resulting from unexpected vitamin K deficiency
Successful use of sugammadex in a ‘can't ventilate’ scenario *
TAP block – or fascia iliaca spread from supra-inguinal block?
TAP block – or femoral nerve block?
TAP block – a block for the future?
TAP block – what is the endpoint?
TAP block – or general anaesthesia?
A reply
Bispectral index compared with the isolated forearm technique
Bispectral index compared with the isolated forearm technique
A reply
The analgesic efficacy and safety of neuraxial magnesium sulphate
Magnesium sulphate and postoperative pain
Checking the secondary oxygen supply
A reply
Closing the door on fire
Preservative-free bicarbonate for epidural top-up
The following abstracts were presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Education in Anaesthesia in Liverpool, March 2013
The following abstracts were presented at the Annual Meeting of the Scottish Airway Group in Edinburgh, March 2013
Correction to Litigation and the older anaesthetist
Correction to An evaluation of non-Luer safety connectors for neuraxial procedures
iFRCA Application
Complications in Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine
Just a Little Scratch! Anaesthesia – a straightforward guide for patients