A multi-agent procedural sedation sequence with local anaesthesia for surgical excision of advanced head and neck skin cancers
Fatal carotid artery erosion due to tonsillitis in a child
Incidental finding of tracheal bronchus causing peri-operative desaturation
Please mind the gap! From manikin to man.
Right ventricular failure secondary to thyrotoxicosis in a patient presenting with an ectopic pregnancy
Case series assessing the efficacy of continuous rectus sheath catheter infiltration and single shot intrathecal opiate for analgesia following laparotomy for colorectal surgery
Complicated rib fractures - a case report.
Anaesthetic management of hours-old neonate requiring massive blood transfusion during emergency excision of large haemorrhaging sacrococcygeal teratoma
Anaphylactic shock secondary to teicoplanin
The use of dexmedetomidine infusion for awake craniotomy at a UK tertiary neurosurgical centre: A case report of its first documented use in the UK
Finding the fifth intercostal space: ultrasound and chest drain insertion
Red Cell Distribution Width, Deprivation and Mortality in Scottish Burns Patients
Transthoracic echocardiographic assessment of cardiac output in healthy women at elective caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia: an observational cohort study
ABO blood group and risk of coronary heart disease in patients undergoing cardiac surgery in a specialised cardiothoracic centre
Transforming a sheep thorax into an anatomical human shape for clamshell thoracotomy simulation
Hidden heparin infusion with intra-operative cell salvage in cardiac surgery
A prospective randomized controlled trial comparing echocardiographic changes with fentanyl/sevoflurane vs propofol/remifentanil anaesthesia in major vascular surgery
Revalidation, Measuring Anaesthetic Outcomes and the Hawthorne Effect
Early discharge from an enhanced recovery programme for open liver resection does not increase the use of primary health care resources
A new tool to improve sleep and reduce the incidence of delirium in intensive care patients
The perception and attitudes of theatre staff to recycling waste at work: a fishbone analysis.
Arterial blood sampling in intensive care: a national survey
A return to practice survey: improving patient safety and enhancing trainee support.
Handover of patients in the post-operative recovery unit
Higher risk general surgical patients: an audit of current practice
Availability of emergency guidelines in the anaesthetic room - a clinical audit
How the use of standardised anaesthetic techniques can help reduce postoperative pain in gynaecology surgery.
Management of perioperative anaphylaxis: audit against NICE guidance
Paediatric dental anaesthesia in a district general hospital
Evaluation of the anaesthetic department major incident mobilization strategy.
Development of an anaesthesia ultrasound library in compliance with patient safety guidelines
Customised critical incident boxes to help teams work safely
A new anaesthetic and recovery record for repeat procedures
Improving awareness and accessibility of equipment required in an anaesthetic emergency
Targeting fractured neck of femurs
Laryngoscope light failure: The importance of incident reporting
A quality improvement process to reduce post-operative blood transfusions in patients undergoing elective total hip and knee replacements
Compliance with Intra-Operative Handover Criteria and Introduction of a Standardised Format.
Post partum iatrogenic psychosis, a case report.
Acute generalised exanthematous pustulosis with systemic inflammatory response (SIRS)
Successful resuscitation of a parturient with amniotic fluid embolism
Simulation in Multi-agency Pre-hospital Medical Training: A Case Study
Pain relief for external cephalic version - regional anaesthesia, remifentanil or something else?
Should all rectus sheath catheters be placed using ultrasound?
Is it time for all music to be in virtual format? A case of difficult airway with a tricky foreign body.
Paediatric video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery: Is one-lung ventilation essential?
Anaphylaxis to antibiotics administered prior to elective caesarean section. A case report
One way valve obstruction of the internal lumen of endotracheal tube during anaesthesia for microlaryngoscopy
A “Perfect” Epidural
Delivery Of A Healthy Baby In Patient With Multiple Sclerosis During Treatment With Natalizumab
Intralipid to reverse suspected cocaine induced dyskinesia!
Anaesthesia for a patient with pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis undergoing appendicectomy
Gentamicin in elderly: evaluating the renal function
Is there a difference between anaesthetists' and chemists' descriptions of the acid/base properties of benzocaine?
The dangers of benzocaine - over the counter but under the radar
Recycling anaesthetic room waste
WHO's listening? A study of staff behaviour during performance of the World Health Organisation (WHO) surgical safety checklist
How effective is the fluid warming cabinet in providing warm intravenous fluids?
“They just feel different” - an objective assessment and comparison of Luer and non-Luer spinal needles
Delivery of Acute Illness Management© Courses in Uganda
Anaesthetists ASA scores as a predictor of mortality
Postoperative coagulation profiles following liver resection and the use of epidural anaesthesia
Use of intravenous lipid emulsion in non-local anaesthetic overdose - where are we today?
Changing transfusion practice in liver transplantation from 1996-2009 - a single centre retrospective review
Searching for a superior central venous surrogate for ultrasound simulation
A single, intravenous, pre-emptive dose of Ketamine improves acute postoperative pain after thoracic surgery
Utility of an anaesthetic trainee led research network to contribute to multicentre studies
Re-use of equipment between patients receiving total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA): an audit of current Australian practice.
Researching the possible metabolic factors in the aetiology of benzocaine induced methaemoglobinemia
Reducing the length of stay - Enhanced Recovery in Obstetric Surgery at King's College Hospital (King's EROS)
Capnography in the critical care unit: a completed audit cycle
Audit of documentation post nasogastric tube insertion on adult intensive care unit
Enhanced recovery after elective caesarean section
Audit on the availability of emergency guidelines within the Doncaster and Bassetlaw Trust.
Caught napping? Capnography in Brighton Intensive Care Unit
Out-of-hours emergency operating: is too little good?
Can we assess the value of the antenatal obstetric anaesthetic clinic? What do anaesthetists and their patients think?
Pre List Briefing: How useful an intervention?
Anaphylaxis, finding the guidelines: electronic versus written.
To ITU or to the ward? Postoperative care after bariatric surgery
An audit of procedural sedation in Frenchay Emergency Department - are local and national guidelines being followed?
Core trainees opinion on how centralization of medical services is affecting training.
Discharge into the community with critical care prophylaxis prescriptions.
Patient blood management in major orthopaedic surgery: factors limiting pre-operative treatment of anaemia
Audit of the emergency laparotomy process within the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board
Electronic crossmatching reduces blood wastage: a complete audit cycle
Maximising day surgery by using telephone triage screening.
Introduction of compulsary preoperative pregnancy testing for all relevant female patients - closing the audit circle.
Improving patient care and safety on the wards: Audit of the use of the Lifebox pulse oximeter in Nanyuki District Hospital, Kenya
Post-operative care requirements of bariatric patients.
Difficult airway training: a scottish perspective
The pre-operative assessment clinic: Our patients' variable thirst for knowledge.
Neurosurgical preoperative assessment and patient preparation
A survey of pre-operative assessment practice in the Midlands and East of England
A survey of medical reasons for cancellation of elective surgery in the Midlands and East of England
Use of Intraoperative Fluid Management Technology - An Audit
Audit of anaesthetic technique for caesarean section where an epidural is in-situ, in a tertiary referral centre.
The introduction of peri-operative intravenous lidocaine infusions for abdominal surgery. A prospective audit of safety.
The age old question of old age
Introduction and Utilisation of the Fascia Iliaca Block for patients with Fractured Neck of Femur in the Emergency Department. A single units experience.
Inditherm warming mattress and perioperative hypothermia in an obstetric population
Day Case Shoulder Surgery Using Interscalene Brachial Plexus Block
Syringe labelling - is current practice adequate?
Standardised documentation formats in the intensive care unit: a completed audit cycle.
Post-operative nausea and vomiting: Closing the Audit loop
Audit of drug prescriptions and administrations in critical care
Perioperative haemodynamic management of ERAS patients
The effects of an enhanced recovery programme for primary hip and knee replacement surgery on blood transfusion rates
Preoperative tests for elective surgery: closing the audit cycle
A Snapshot comparative survey of antenatal and postnatal Obstetric Early Warning Scores
The importance of critical care input in high-risk patients undergoing emergency laparotomy
Perioperative care of emergency laparotomies
“How much local can I give?”
Preoperative fast in emergency surgery: An audit and survey of patient opinion
Percutaneous tracheostomies within the critical care environment
Leadership in obstetric anaesthesia: experiences and expectations
Colour coded anaesthesia drug label availability throughout the hospital: a completed audit cycle.
Do our monitors alarm us? An audit of monitors to investigate what our alarm settings are, how we use them and are they safe.
Audit of all critical incidents involving central venous catheters in a district general hospital over a three year period.
Volatile efficiency measured using volatile consumption:uptake ratios
Cardiac output monitoring in emergency laparotomy - is it used and if not why not?
Safety of central neuraxial and regional anaesthesia in North West England
Patients' experiences of ultrasound guided upper limb regional anaesthesia in Salford.
Clear consistent patient guidance can improve outcomes: an audit of pre-operative fasting in South London Healthcare Trust
Anaesthesia & emergency medicine trainees' certification status of resuscitation courses in Yorkshire & Humber Deanery.
How can we improve resuscitation skills training in anaesthesia and emergency medicine: the trainees' perspective?
Improving the safety of bedside suction and oxygen equipment.
Opportunities For Training In Obstetric Anaesthesia: Results Of a 3-Year Audit Of Trainee Workload.
Is training in difficult airway management improving in Wales: a repeat trainee survey.
Preanaesthetic equipment checks guideline and compliance by anaesthetists.
Chronic pain post caesarean section: is it a significant problem?
An electronic reminder as part of an educational intervention improves compliance with postoperative nausea and vomiting prophylaxis guidelines in ambulatory surgery patients.
STOP-Bang: Is it time to introduce?
An audit, looking at documentation of Ceiling of Care on the Intensive Care Unit.
Peri-operative temperature monitoring audit: are we following NICE guidelines?
A survey of current practice in opioid provision and administration by midwives during labour
Endotracheal tube and laryngeal cuff pressures during general anaesthesia - should airway cuff manometry be routine practice?
Speed of onset and duration of anaesthesia from a mixture of 0.25% Bupivacaine, 1% Lidocaine and 1:400,000 Adrenaline mixture in axillary block - an ideal balance of speed and duration?
Thromboelastography (TEG) guided transfusion management reduces blood products consumption and costs in adult cardiac surgery
The high risk emergency general surgical patient - an audit of standards of care and outcomes.
The documentation of the risks of general anaesthesia
Assessment of laryngoscope light intensity
Failing to prepare? A survey examining the management of critically ill children in North West England and North Wales.
Audit of efficacy of postoperative acute pain management for total knee replacements
Assessing the effectiveness of a new ultrasound guided central venous catheter insertion course: a learners' perspective.
Upper extremity deep vein thrombosis following PICC/MID lines - avoidable or inevitable?
Audit of antacid prophylaxis in a district general hospital maternity unit
Central venous catheters (cvcs) in icu: fixation and critical incidents.
Reducing repair and replacement costs of damaged flexible intubating fibrescopes - an audit to maintain safety in an economic conscious climate.
Perioperative paracetamol prescribing: a completed audit cycle
Tranexamic acid use in elective hip and knee arthroplasty: a completed audit cycle
Audit of post operative nausea and vomiting following intrathecal opioids in patients undergoing lower limb surgery
An analysis of pain blocks consent information in a district general hospital
An audit of post analgesic requirements in women undergoing lower segment caesarean section (LSCS) in a district general hospital maternity unit.
Comparison of Medway Maternity® to paper-based records to assess anaesthetic caesarean section technique and failure rate
Perioperative fluid balance charts - how accurately are they completed?
A pilot study to look at the potential savings made by streaming solid anaesthetic waste.
Single shot vs double shot epidural for laparoscopic nephrectomy
Peripheral nerve block management and follow-up: a regional survey.
Survey of tourniquet use amongst orthopaedic theatre users
Anaesthesia for organ retrieval: an unmet training need
Epidurals: myths and old wives tales - what are the midwives telling our patients?
Management of proximal femur fractures: A prospective audit examining postponement and average time from admission to surgery
Indications for the use of throat packs - A survey of clinicians in the north east of england.
Comparing the usage levels of social media between medical students and trainee anaesthetists
Using social media networks as a learning platform - The anaesthetic trainee perspective
Treating fear: a patient guided DVD reduces anxiety prior to anaesthesia
Audit of staff awareness of location of emergency drugs and equipments
Beta-blockers in the pre-operative management of patients with ischaemic heart disease - a clinical audit
Evaluation of new ERAS pathway for primary hip and knee replacements in a district general hospital
Analysis of morbidity in parkinson's patient undergoing open abdominal operations
The ORSIM bronchoscopy simulator - assessment of a training tool
Audit of current practice and study of safety of a rational approach in prescribing investigations as part of pre anaesthesia assessment in patients undergoing breast cancer surgery.
Evolution of perioperative pain management for major abdominal surgery
An audit of residual neuromuscular blockade in the recovery unit.
An audit of the implementation of a physiological observation policy and in addition, a comparison of our hospital's Modified Early Warning Score and the National Early Warning Score.
Consent in labour epidurals-practice in a district general hospital
A survey of trainee research experience within the south west peninsula deanery prior to the establishment of a trainee research collaborative.
An innovative partnership of Health trainers and the Pre-anaesthetic Service for successful pre-operative smoking cessation
Obstetric body mass index measurement and anaesthetic implications
Induction and awareness of equipment and drugs
Provision of anaesthetic services in interventional radiology departments - a national survey.
Is your pillow low? Standard hospital pillows provide inadequate head elevation for direct laryngoscopy.
Grade 1 caesarean section: are we reading from the same page?
Improving morbidity and mortality in the emergency laparotomy patient
The ideal infusion method for satisfactory epidural analgesia
An audit of post procedural pain in a paediatric population undergoing invasive needling treatment and investigations for haematological malignancies
Audit of the handover received by the post-anaesthetic care unit staff from the anaesthetist.
Audit of the perceived airway skills of Foundation Year 1 doctors
Sugammadex: A survey of its use at Salford Royal Hospital
Acute pain and emesis following breast cancer surgery at Salford Royal Foundation Trust (SRFT) - an audit of current practice and outcomes
Peripheral nerve block assessment: Can we use electro-stimulation testing?
Are Hospital at Night adequately trained to cover Critical Care Outreach Services at night?
Pain relief following total knee arthroplasty: addition of pregabalin and secondary adjuncts
The emergency laparotomy network dataset: findings in a medium sized district general hospital
A survey of aseptic technique for ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia.
A multidisciplinary team approach to nerve blockade analgesia for patients with fractured hips; from the emergency department to surgical after care.