Patient feedback and anaesthetists: what are patients assessing and why?
Lest we forget : learning and remembering in clinical practice
Serratus plane block: do we need to learn another technique for thoracic wall blockade?
Serratus plane block: a novel ultrasound-guided thoracic wall nerve block
Management of arterial lines and blood sampling in intensive care: a threat to patient safety
Rates of lumbosacral transforaminal injections interpreted as intravascular: fluoroscopy alone or with digital subtraction
Transfer of airway skills from manikin training to patient: success of ventilation with facemask or LMA-SupremeTM by medical students
Modelling propofol pharmacodynamics using BIS-guided anaesthesia
Stress-related biomarkers of dream recall and implicit memory under anaesthesia
A generic simulation model for planning critical care resource requirements
Correlation between supra-sternal Doppler cardiac output (USCOM) measurements and chest radiological features
A laboratory comparison of the performance of the buddy lite™ and enFlow™ fluid warmers
Patient satisfaction with anaesthesia – Part 1: Satisfaction as part of outcome – and what satisfies patients
Patient satisfaction with anaesthesia – Part 2: Construction and quality assessment of questionnaires
Accidental hypoglycaemia caused by an arterial flush drug error: a case report and contributory causes analysis
‘Foiling’ pulse oximetry interference
Sugammadex in anticipated difficult airways1
Sugammadex in anticipated difficult airways2
Sugammadex in anticipated difficult airways3
Sugammadex in anticipated difficult airways4
Sugammadex in anticipated difficult airways5
A reply
Preservative-free bicarbonate for epidural top-up1
Preservative-free bicarbonate for epidural top-up2
Preservative-free bicarbonate for epidural top-up3
‘Unbalanced’ anaesthesia and a non-isolated forearm technique?
A reply
Evaluation of oxygen concentrators
A reply
Does STOP-BANG really predict postoperative critical care admission?
A reply
Re-introduction of the Eschmann Tracheal Tube Introducer
Intracuff pressure comparison between ProSeal® and Supreme® laryngeal mask airways
Speed of onset of spinal vs general anaesthesia for caesarean section
Good communication and outcome after anaesthesia
Knots to secure airway devices
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