An audit of perioperative care for proximal femoral fractures
Residual anaesthesia drugs in intravenous lines
An audit of post-operative epidural analgesia monitoring
Comparison of four early warning scores for detection of maternal sepsis
The iPad as a distraction device to aid induction of anaesthesia
A 5 year reaudit of difficult and failed intubations in 1172 obstetric general anaesthetics.
Pre-operative Pregnancy Testing
Admission to intensive care following surgery - a review of current practice
How well do anaesthetists prescribe antibiotics? - An audit of doctors' knowledge of antibiotic prophylaxis
Reducing inadvertent perioperative hypothermia amongst elective orthopaedic patients; results of a rapid cycle audit.
Cost analysis audit comparing allogeneic blood transfusion and cell salvage autologous blood transfusion.
An audit of intravenous fluid administration in day surgery patients in a district general hospital
Group and screen sampling in elective surgery - who has access to group specific blood products at the time of surgery?
Quality Outcomes in Recovery Audit Tool
Ventilation in cardiac ICU - are we over-stretching?
Intraoperative monitoring in emergency laparotomy
Comparison between nerve blocks and local infiltration analgesia for knee arthroplasty
An audit of all the intubations performed by the Emergency Medical Retrieval Service between January 2012 and June 2013
Advanced haemodynamic monitoring and goal-directed fluid therapy audit
Audit of Line and Tube Fixation in Intensive Care Unit.
Cost of Anaesthetic Disposables
Measuring change; maternal satisfaction before and after a new analgesia regime for women post Caesarean section.
An audit of management of postoperative nausea and vomiting
Communication, patient satisfaction and ability to make an informed consent after pre-assessment
Patient satisfaction with post-operative anaesthetic information in the day case pathway
Acute kidney injury in non-elective abdominal surgery
Intraoperative fluid management technology in major orthopaedic surgery
Increasing low flow anaesthesia practice saves money in a tertiary anaesthetic department.
How low do we flow?
Audit of adherence of major lower limb amputation management to vascular quality improvement framework.
Obese patients in antenatal anaesthetic clinics: do we need to see them at all?
Laryngeal mask airway device use and the link to injury; more questions than answers
South Thames cleft service: a quality analysis
A simple education tool improves compliance with surgical antibiotic prophylaxis protocol
Development of a set of patient-centred quality indicators for routine collection within an electronic patient record system and regular feedback to consultant anaesthetists
Use of airway alert forms to inform decision-making in subsequent anaesthetics.
Tympanic temperature used for core temperature under measures true core temperature in adult intensive care patients
Simple measures improve the use of the modified early obstetric warning system in a post-partum population
Pre-operative assessment skills of foundation year one doctors: a service improvement project enhancing evidence-based practice and confidence
Difficult Airway Trolley
Can't intubate, can't ventilate: Time to achieve oxygenation and assessment of rate limiting factors in a simulated crisis
Audit of a nurse led pre-assessment clinic in a district general hospital
Anaesthetists as first receivers of CBRN casualties: Re-auditing personal protective equipment familiarity
Peri-operative Use of Emergency Anaesthetic Drugs
Splenic artery aneurysm: a rare but significant cause of antenatal and postnatal maternal collapse
Rocuronium extravasation and the role of sugammadex
Management of tongue entrapment inside a metal bottle causing airway obstruction in a child
Intrathecal catheters in labour: analysis of 12 year's experience
A unique technique of external chest compressions synchronised with suction to clear an occluded main bronchus.
Intralesional bleomycin injection: anaesthetic technique developed over our first 1500 interventions
Anaesthetic management of an adult patient aged 32 years with Rett syndrome
Knowing your patient's heart: arrythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia (ARVD)
Managing life threatening haemorrhage in a patient taking the novel anticoagulant dabigatran, a direct thrombin inhibitor
“I swallowed my dentures”
The pilot balloon quick fix
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the supine position with manual displacement of the uterus versus lateral tilt using a firm wedge: a manikin study
An evaluation of acute postoperative pain management in patients from different ethnicities
ERAS in the elderly - experience from open liver resection surgery
Estimation of physiologic ability and surgical stress (E-PASS) for predicting outcome following elective abdominal aortic aneurysm repair: a retrospective validation
Initial experience of an enhanced recovery programme in head and neck patients undergoing free flap surgery.
Correlation between intraoperative fluid administration and post- operative renal function in two groups of oesophagectomy patients
What happens after the trial ends? Length of stay for open liver resection over the 12 months following an RCT comparing ERAS with standard care
Dead space of needles
The fresh frozen human cadaver epidural training model (FHCET): a novel training adjunct for anaesthetic trainees.
The pecs block: investigation of physiological effects and mechanism of action
Challenges in planning an anaesthesia service for external cephalic version
Effect of thermometry method on recognition of peri-operative hypothermia and patient throughput: Traditional infra-red tympanic vs non-invasive zero heat flux thermometry
Comparison of Paediatric Perioperative Risk Assessment by ASA Physical Status and NARCO-SS Scores
Computerised tomography guided thoracic epidural insertion: a lesson in safety
Survey of management of procedural pain in Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH)
Introduction of an enhanced recovery programme and robotic surgery in a major gynaecological oncology centre.
Surgical cricothyrotomy: how to teach and what to teach (four rules, four steps, four pieces of equipment).
Moving on after two years of the fourth national audit project - Are we training our team enough?
A survey among consultant anaesthetists - scope for more training in advanced airway skills?
Implementing Patient feedback: Will the friends and family test work?
A survey of the suture material used to secure central venous catheters in intensive care
Depth of anaesthesia monitoring - a regional survey of anaesthetists' attitudes and practice following recent NICE guidance
Changing techniques for analgesia in major colorectal surgery; a snapshot survey of current practice
The incidence of atrial fibrillation after oesophagectomy in England and Wales in 2012
Pressure to perform
A survey of peri-operative blood pressure changes in fractured neck of femur repair under general and spinal anaesthesia
Collecting Swimming Badges: Key components of the curriculum vitae (CV) for consultant shortlisting
Do pain procedures really help our chronic back pain patients?
A survey of the management of acute pain in opioid dependent patients
Emergency intubation on the ITU as recommended by NAP4: A survey of staff confidence and ability
Negative pressure pulmonary oedema: A regional survey of experience and anaesthetic practice in Northern Ireland
Parent satisfaction with arrangements for being present with their child at induction
Survey of surgical perspective on qualities that are important in an anaesthetist.
Presence of anaesthetic departments on NHS Hospital websites
Trainee Satisfaction: Can we be satisfied?
Perioperative care for head and neck surgery: do we meet the standards set by the Royal College of Anaesthetists?
Drowning in the paperwork drawer
Utility of anaesthetist run antenatal classes
Accidental dural puncture from the mother's perspective: a five year follow-up study