Bundling sleep promotion with delirium prevention: ready for prime time?
Quality and safety in healthcare revisited: a challenge to anaesthetists
Quality and safety in healthcare revisited: a challenge accepted
The effect of a multicomponent multidisciplinary bundle of interventions on sleep and delirium in medical and surgical intensive care patients*
A comparison of the predictive performance of three pharmacokinetic models for propofol using measured values obtained during target-controlled infusion*
Analysis of transthoracic echocardiographic data in major vascular surgery from a prospective randomised trial comparing sevoflurane and fentanyl with propofol and remifentanil anaesthesia*
Effects of inhalational anaesthetics in experimental allergic asthma*
Postoperative morphine concentration in infants with or without biliary atresia and its association with hepatic blood flow
The use of a nasogastric tube to facilitate nasotracheal intubation: a randomised controlled trial
The effect of audible alarms on anaesthesiologists' response times to adverse events in a simulated anaesthesia environment: a randomised trial
Psychometric evaluation of a direct observation of procedural skills assessment tool for ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia
A pilot study of cerebral tissue oxygenation and postoperative cognitive dysfunction among patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting randomised to surgery with or without cardiopulmonary bypass*
Peri-operative warming devices: performance and clinical application
Outcome by mode of anaesthesia for hip fracture surgery
Confounding factors in observational hip fracture studies
Spinal, or spinal and sedation, for patients with hip fracture?
Outcome differences after elective or emergency hip operations
Interpreting national hip fracture data
A reply
McGrath® series 5 videolaryngoscope evaluation for double-lumen tube intubation
The effects of general anaesthesia on memory in children
Portex Epifuse™ blockage remains a problem
Ultrasonographic identification of the cricothyroid membrane
Lung ultrasound artefacts due to oesophageal Doppler monitoring
The ageing intensivist
Unexpected spike in inspired oxygen and anaesthetic agent values
Syringe labelling – bridging the gap
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