Blood – the most important humour?*
Modern banking, collection, compatibility testing and storage of blood and blood components
Evidence and triggers for the transfusion of blood and blood products
Pre-operative anaemia
The pathophysiology and consequences of red blood cell storage
Red cell transfusion and the immune system
The current place of aprotinin in the management of bleeding
The current place of tranexamic acid in the management of bleeding
Practical management of major blood loss
Management of peri-operative anti-thrombotic therapy
Laboratory monitoring of haemostasis
Point-of-care monitoring of haemostasis
Haemostatic management of obstetric haemorrhage
Haemostatic management of cardiac surgical haemorrhage
The pathogenesis of traumatic coagulopathy
Management of traumatic haemorrhage – the European perspective
Management of traumatic haemorrhage – the US perspective
Surgery in patients with inherited bleeding disorders
The management of abnormal haemostasis in the ICU