Group and Save sample traffic lights - a simple intervention improving patient safety
Pre-emptive paracetamol reduces postoperative opioid consumption and pain scores following surgery: systematic review and meta-analysis
Dantrolene or dantro-lean: do we stock enough dantrolene in Kent, Surrey and Sussex?
The use of aide memoires to reduce time to medication administration in paediatric resuscitation
Re-audit of WHO surgical safety checklist compliance audit
Testing times: increasing HIV testing rates in two tertiary intensive care units
Do you have the bottle?
Management of supraventricular tachycardia during the active second stage of labour
Chlorhexidine anaphylaxis: the hidden trigger
Is the i-gel supraglottic airway superior to the LMA® ProSeal in paediatric anaesthesia?
Keep the volume down! An audit of lung protective ventilation in abdominal surgery
PONV in paediatric day case surgery. A risk score for PONV might be useful for a rational approach to anti-emetic prophylaxis in paediatric patients
A survey of fluid management of medical and surgical patients at the Royal London Hospital against NICE and the GIFTASUP guidelines on fluid management
An audit on the quality of the WHO surgical checklist in the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust following recent Never Events
An audit and literature review of oesophageal Doppler monitoring for intraoperative fluid management
Microbiology and antimicrobial documentation in the critical care unit: the need to address system usability and utility, not just adherence
Delayed and out of hours discharges from critical care
Service evaluation of preoperative discontinuation of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEI) and angiotensin II receptor subtype 1 antagonists (ARA) and the incidence of intraoperative hypotension
Unplanned hospital admission following day case surgery: audit and analysis of contributory factors
An audit of intravenous fluid prescriptions at a Birmingham District General Hospital
Audit of endotracheal tube placement documentation
Comparison of anxiety score in children with and without parental presence during induction of anaesthesia in Pakistan
Perioperative anaphylaxis - a team survey of knowledge of management, diagnosis and referral processes in Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
The feasibility of analgesia protocol after joint arthroplasty
Invasive aspergillosis: silent killer on the ICU
Congenital methaemoglobinaemia in a surgical patient - challenges of peri-operative care
A life and limbic threatening condition: a rare case of refractory seizures due to anti-NMDA-receptor encephalitis
Audit of postdural puncture headaches diagnosis and their management in obstetrics
Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in traumatic brain injury: a survey of practice in the UK
An audit of pre-operative recording of pregnancy status in adolescent females of child bearing age prior to surgery
Use of an algorhythmic glycaemic control device in critically ill patients
ITU discharge: an audit of effective handover of patient care
ICU delirium - are we really ‘conscious’ of it?
A single-centre observational cohort study of admission National Early Warning Score (NEWS)
Association between preoperative resting heart rate and postoperative myocardial injury in patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery
Right ventricular E/e′ ratio (RV E/e′) index for intraoperative assessment of right ventricular filling pressure in mitral valve surgeries with pulmonary hypertension
The initial fluid administered in severe sepsis and septic shock
Are we adhering to published guidelines with regards to handover practice following anaesthesia?
Charing Cross Hospital - implementation of the WHO Sign In Audit
An audit of neuroaxial block in respect of anticoagulation guidelines in Ninewells Hospital, Dundee
Anaesthesia for enhanced recovery in gynaecological laparotomy: an audit of current practice
How easily can we access anaesthesia guidelines on the trust intranet? A quality improvement project to improve accessibility to clinical resources
A survey of regional anaesthesia from the trainee perspective
Audit of labour epidural response times in Broomfield Hospital maternity department
An audit of emergency theatre start times in a district general hospital
Tracheostomy practice in Tauranga Hospital ICU, New Zealand (2007-2013)
Measuring core temperature - an audit
Documentation of regional anaesthetic block at caesarean section: an audit of practice in a district general hospital
‘Where's the blood?!’ Where to find drugs, equipment and staff in anaesthetic emergencies
Safe and appropriate use of continuous positive airway pressure therapy outside of critical care: an audit of practice on the coronary care unit
Fiddle-dee-dee, fiddle-dee-doo, I've smelled chloroform, how about you?
Efficient emergency theatres: identifying key causes of inefficiency delaying emergency surgery. A 3 month review of emergency theatres at a major trauma centre
What do we mean by rapid sequence induction? An audit of clinical practice within the Royal Alexandra Hospital
Perioperative fluid management: are we still causing hyperchloraemia?
Audit of IPPV in theatre patients - driving practice improvement
Social media and learning in anaesthesia
Ventilation pressures and volumes for mechanically ventilated patients on a Neurosciences Critical Care Unit: a service evaluation
Comparison of actual and ideal body weight in patients undergoing surgery in Glasgow and possible implications for intra-operative mechanical ventilation
Audit of pre-operative documentation in elderly patients undergoing major surgery
Incision and drainage of a perianal abscess under conscious sedation
Reducing the risk of iatrogenic hypoglycaemia in critical care by improving arterial line blood sampling
Patient positioning for robotic surgery: angling for greater safety
Standardising line insertion documentation on an intensive care unit
Audit of anaesthetic drug vial and ampoule design: scope for confusion, room for improvement?
Anaesthetic support in the emergency department
Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis and diagnosis in a major trauma centre
Audit of compliance with AAGBI guidelines on coagulation screen requests for patients undergoing surgery for femoral fractures
Anaphylaxis under anaesthesia in NHS Lothian
Surgical staff knowledge of safe local anaesthetic doses at a major trauma centre - results and the implications
Pre-operative information for breast surgery patients - there's an app for that
Safety in magnetic resonance imaging
Prior planning prevents poor performance: improving the management of the unanticipated difficult airway in the emergency department
Intraoperative fluid management for elective colorectal surgery: perceived ideal verses reality
Audit: interruptions and distractions to induction of emergency anaesthesia
Perioperative acute kidney injury. Are we referring patients diagnosed with AKI or renal impairment to primary care?
Management issues in the acutely unwell patient with Down syndrome
Worthing Hospital critical care to ward handover: an audit of the current system
‘Doctors in training’: descriptive or demeaning?
Malignant hyperthermia
Anaesthetic emergency drugs and equipment preparedness audit
A randomised controlled trial investigating the effect of a rapid sequence induction checklist on operator mental workload as measured by the NASA Task Load Index tool in a simulated environment
Skin antisepsis for lumbar puncture - a survey of physicians' practice
Pre-operative fasting for elective and emergency surgery: is it time to change our practise?
Audit of pain management following deep inferior epigastric perforator flap reconstruction
Auditing the use of bispectral index monitors at Croydon University Hospital. Are we following NICE guidelines?
Skin antisepsis for central neuraxial blockade - an audit of trainee practice
Too much blood? An audit of transfusion practice in a large obstetric unit
Blood tests: do the results match up?
Failure to improve: results and analysis of a full cycle audit on perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis in orthopaedic implant surgery
Do our blood tests contribute to anaemia?
Assessing delirium in the intensive care unit - implementing the confusion assessment method
Improving handover on the intensive care unit: a completed audit cycle
McArdle's disease and enhanced recovery
Conflicting conditions resulting in unwanted inotropy
Audit of PCEA efficacy and maternal satisfaction
Videolaryngoscopy in a patient with a supraglottic foreign body and unanticipated grade 4 laryngoscopy
Audit demonstrating the impact of a simple educational activity on the rates of the availability of group and save samples for laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Interdeanery differences in the management of expectant trainee anaesthetists
A study evaluating the association of serum calcium with vasospasm or vasopressor support in patients with acute subarachnoid haemorrhage at a specialist Neuro-critical Care Unit
A retrospective analysis investigating patient morbidity and combined low bispectral index spectrum and mean arterial blood pressures scores during major cancer-related surgery
The diagnostic value of bedside echocardiography in the intensive care unit: heart failure, liver failure or both?
Intraoperative oxygen consumption: what's the value?
Easing patient transfers - for under £1!
An iatrogenic complication of tracheostomy care
Audit of pain during category 4 caesarean section under spinal anaesthesia
A complex multitrauma airway - diagnostic dilemma
Caesarean section postoperative analgesia: can failure to improve actually drive a long-term change in practice?
Improving the management of traumatic brain injuries within a district general hospital: a complete audit cycle
A case of acute chest pain and cardiac failure due to a huge hiatus hernia requiring emergency laparotomy
Survey of UK anaesthetists on use of enhanced recovery for mastectomy
Recovery after mastectomy and role of PEC block in mastectomy
Mental capacity assessment and consent: a survey of knowledge and practice among anaesthetists, surgeons and intensivists
Emergency anaesthetic management of a case of Ludwig's angina: lessons learnt in a district general hospital
Introducing the enhanced recovery pathway in obstetrics: a road map for implementation
Emergency abdominal surgery: are we meeting the standard?
To filter or not to filter?
Successful combined spinal-epidural for a patient with Takayasu's arteritis for elective caesarean section
Experience from the Northern Cleft Foundation: a series of difficult intubations
Citation of abstracts published in Anaesthesia , 2004-2014
The use of regional anaesthesia in orthopaedic trauma surgery
How are we managing transfusion in paediatric trauma? A survey of UK guidelines alongside current practice in an adult major trauma centre, UK
Safer intensive care handover: development and implementation of a standard operating procedure
Analgesia following lower limb amputation: a novel approach using a dual lumen peripheral nerve catheter
Retrospective audit of venous thromboembolism risk assessment in obstetric postoperative patients
Anaesthesia for super obesity - a trainee's perspective
Paediatric traumatic bronchial rupture and severe prolonged hypoxia with full neurological outcome
‘Anesthésie a moindre risque’ - our experiences introducing the Safer Anaesthesia From Education (SAFE) obstetric course into French-speaking Africa
Mysteries beneath the vocal cords: two cases of unexpected difficult airway in children
What is the optimal arrangement of anaesthetic drug labels to promote safe and efficient syringe labelling?
The anaesthetist and the obese patient
Audit of maternal and neonatal temperature during and after elective caesarean section
Caesarean section anaesthesia: technique and failure rate
Trainee confidence with rocuronium for rapid sequence induction
Cardiac arrest - exploring the leadership and human factors involved
Comparison of anaesthetic caseload during the first six months of training as a Registrar in 1984 and a Specialist Trainee 3 in 2013
An audit to assess the recognition and management of pre-operative anaemia in patients scheduled for elective abdominal aortic aneurysm repair
Prolonged leg weakness following epidural blockade
Dantrolene - an audit of knowledge
The surgical pneumonia
Spinal anaesthesia for manual removal of placenta and perineal repairs
Care of the parturient with a BMI > 50: a review of practice
Obstetric admissions to intensive care: a 3 year review
Audit of monitoring standards used in patients with suspected brain injury transferred by the Emergency Medical Retrieval Service, Glasgow
Timely labour epidural: a re-audit of epidural response time in a tertiary obstetric hospital
Extreme beta-blocker overdose and its novel treatments
Capnography use in critical care units across Greater Manchester
Allergy - North West regional critical care audit
A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in the parturient post epidural for labour
Consent for anaesthesia: an indicator of quality of anaesthetic care - are we getting it right?
Maintaining the future workforce: career decision making in Scottish anaesthesia trainees
Improving obstetric anaesthetic handover with a structured handover tool
A region wide survey: raising awareness of the obstetric rapid sequence induction
Risk assessment tools validated for emergency AAA repair: a systematic review
Obstetric anaesthetic charts: an audit demonstrating poor essential note keeping when prompts are deficient
Effect of epidural diamorphine on postoperative opioid requirement following spinal surgery
An audit of efficiency of volatile anaesthetic usage in theatre: Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, November 2014
Intraoperative records - a foundation for quality and increased safety of anaesthetic practice
Use of the GlideScope® to aid panendoscopy in a patient with difficult laryngoscopy
Audit of post dural puncture headache in a district general obstetric unit
How do chronic pain patients on strong opioids score on quality of life measures?
Are we following the British Pain Society recommendations for patients prescribed very high dose opioids?
Streamlining emergency department anaesthesia in a major trauma centre
Cerebrospinal fluid leak following combined spinal and epidural anaesthesia
The one lung course: a North-East London perspective
Survey of current practice of skin sterilisation prior to central neuraxial procedures
Postoperative orthostatic hypotension following open liver resection
Preoperative anaemia in elective colorectal surgery - a UK district general hospital perspective
A cautionary tale: an undiagnosed case of acute fatty liver of pregnancy
Modified knee chest position in a pregnant patient for lumbar spine surgery: what is the ideal position?
SWARM collaborative increases trainee research exposure and opportunities within Health Education Southwest
The use of electronic devices by anaesthetists to collect data for logbooks
Bad backs and silverbacks: a qualitative study into a trainee's experience of developing and sustaining a pain service in Rwanda
Postnatal diagnosis of congenital heart disease: missed opportunities
Non-opioid based adjuvant analgesia in perioperative management
Improving handover with the HANDS FREE handover checklist
The use of chlorhexidine spray for skin antisepsis: potential contamination of the surrounding area
Off the handle' technique for a feil intubation scenario
Survey of the use of the short laryngoscope handle
Familiarity of London trainees with regional anaesthesia: the development of a trainee-led ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia course
Attitudes towards safety of regional anaesthesia in trauma patients: a survey of surgeons and anaesthetists in a Major Trauma Centre and a Specialist Hand Unit
A patient with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy for submandibular mass excision