ATLS: Archaic Trauma Life Support?
Training and assessment of non-technical skills in the operating theatre: where next?
Peri-operative cessation of smoking: time for anaesthetists to act
Evaluation of the prototype Anaesthetic Non-technical Skills for Anaesthetic Practitioners (ANTS-AP) system: a behavioural rating system to assess the non-technical skills used by staff assisting the anaesthetist*
Reliability of manikin-based studies: an evaluation of manikin characteristics and their impact on measurements of ventilatory variables
Cognitive Aids in Medicine Assessment Tool (CMAT): preliminary validation of a novel tool for the assessment of emergency cognitive aids*
Effects of the jaw-thrust manoeuvre in the semi-sitting position on securing a clear airway during fibreoptic intubation
The utility of three-dimensional optical projection tomography in nerve injection injury imaging
A randomised controlled comparison between stimulating and standard catheters for lumbar plexus block
Effect of magnesium sulphate on sugammadex reversal time for neuromuscular blockade: a randomised controlled study
Evaluation of a new double-lumen endobronchial tube with an integrated camera (VivaSight-DL™): a prospective multicentre observational study
Dominant hand operating probe vs needle: a comparison study of ultrasound-guided needle placement in phantom models
Incidence of intravascular injection and the spread of contrast media during S1 transforaminal epidural steroid injection by two approaches: anteroposterior vs oblique
Performance of manual ventilation: how to define its efficiency in bench studies? A review of the literature*
Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy in five awake obese patients using paravertebral and superficial cervical plexus blockade
Collecting safety data on procedural sedation
Skin antisepsis guidelines and an update of the ‘rapid sequence spinal’
More than ‘fuzzy logic’ needed in promoting the use of depth of anaesthesia monitors
Non-surgical site pain – ‘movement’ toward a solution?
Effect of contaminant 0.9% saline on tests of haemostasis
Paediatric anaesthesia neurotoxicity and the ‘urgency’ of surgery
Suction tube-facilitated videolaryngoscopic intubation
Fractured laryngeal mask
New forceps for videolaryngoscopic intubation
Compliance with the automated machine check
Who is distracting whom?
Pre-oxygenation before extubation
Wrong-site surgical blocks
A rule of thumb for estimating the lower confidence interval in trials with small event rates