A complication of a rectus sheath catheter
A prosPECtive technique
Transient torticollis following general anaesthesia
Never say never: wrong route drug serious untoward incident after hospital changes PCA pump
A patient in a bit of a PICCkle…
Severe starvation ketoacidosis in the third trimester of pregnancy in a non-diabetic patient
A case of severe lactic acidosis associated with propofol infusion for anaesthesia
Learning points from severe methaemoglobinaemia caused by amyl nitrite ingestion
Vertically suspended anaesthesia. A description of forward aid provided to a seriously wounded factory worker and a discussion of future pre-hospital care envisioned by clinical commissioning groups
Anaphylaxis and pontine infarct after elective percutaneous coronary intervention: facilitated communication and capacity assessment in a locked in patient
A randomised simulated comparison of guidelines from the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland for local anaesthetic toxicity versus modified versions
Cardiac arrest in pregnancy: anaesthetic lessons
Pythia - probability based operating list scheduling - made in Scotland from data
Investigating analgesic and psychological factors associated with risk of postpartum depression development
Emulating anatomy - using dynamic tension to create haptically realistic, durable ultrasound training phantoms resistant to needle tract development
Myocardial nitroso-redox imbalance during cardiac surgery on cardiopulmonary bypass: molecular mechanisms and translational implications
Are pre-operative fibrinogen levels a marker for the need for transfusion in orthotic liver transplant? A retrospective analysis from a UK centre
Clinical testing of a high-fidelity epidural simulator
The Emergency Laparotomy Pathway Quality improvement Care bundle: weekend and weekday mortality after emergency laparotomy
Predicting blood loss in caesarean section: anticipating the need for intra-operative cell salvage
Should supraglottic airway devices be used in laparoscopic gynaecological surgery?
Assessment of renal function in dosing antibiotics in septic patients: a survey of current practice within critical care units in England
Continuous and extended antibiotic infusions in the treatment of sepsis: a survey of current practice within critical care units in England
Outcomes from emergency laparotomy surgery over a 10-year period: what a difference a decade makes
Effect of an overnight consultant anaesthetist on theatre activity at Leeds General Infirmary
Variability in assignment of ASA grading for obstetric patients
Risk stratification and postoperative destination in a district general hospital
Patients' views on controlling their own intra-operative sedation during orthopaedic surgery performed under regional anaesthesia
Quality of information given during handover to recovery staff: a clinical audit
Implications of NAP5 on training in the East of England School of Anaesthesia
Changing patterns of Do Not Attempt Resuscitation orders 2009 to 2014: a single site observational study
LMA® Supreme use in general anaesthesia for category 2 and 3 emergency caesarean delivery
ADAMgel: an innovative new material for preventing pressure damage
Creating a productive operating theatre - impact of a simple efficiency bundle
Heparin therapy and major vascular surgery - is there a role for activated clotting time measurement?
A study to ascertain the optimal adjunct between the intubation stylet, rigid glidescope stylet and oesophageal bougie for intubation in a normal and difficult airway setting in a manikin
Haptic realism in phantoms. A dream come true or a nightmare for learners in ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia?
Developing a phantom model to identify the epidural space in patients with raised BMI
Audit and research: different shades of grey? A review of abstracts presented at the 2014 AAGBI GAT Annual Scientific Meeting in Newcastle
Some mechanical characteristics of a venturi as a component of a valveless coaxial circle system
The role of cardiopulmonary exercise testing as a risk assessment method in patients scheduled for intra-abdominal surgery: a systematic review
Post caesarean section analgesia regimes: is MST a MuST?
Functionality tests of hybrid epidural systems
A sample of acronyms and their usefulness in anaesthesia and medicine
Does simulation increase the familiarity of non-anaesthetists with central venous cannula insertion?
Postoperative intravenous iron therapy in the treatment of anaemia associated with major cancer surgery
Costs of thiopental versus propofol for caesarean section in England
Structure manipulation of polymyxin B and subsequent integration into polymer capable of endotoxin detection and sequestration
Investigating the thermal properties of silicone gel pads
The influence of needle free connectors and extension tubes on the flow of fluid through intravenous cannulae
Critical Care after Lung Resection (CALoR)
An audit of intra- and inter-hospital transfers at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich
ASA grading survey - why the disagreement?
Delirium scoring in intensive care - how effectively is it used?
Multi-unit transfusion and major haemorrhage: an audit of practice against current trust guidelines
Local audit of the knowledge of staff involved in the peri-operative management of diabetes
Introduction of a Vascular Access Co-ordinator
Quality improvement in the peri-operative anaesthesia care of pancreatic transplant patients at Central Manchester Foundation Trust
Finding emergency anaesthetic equipment
Postoperative hypoxaemia after transport from operating theatre to post-anaesthetic care unit: identifying incidence and risk factors in children
Is ROTEM based coagulopathy management in traumatic massive haemorrhage possible using the A5 result?
Internal jugular vein central lines - minimising the risk of arterial injury: a survey of anaesthetic trainee practice in the North West
Enhanced recovery for obstetric surgery - anaesthesia or process? A complete audit cycle
Peri-operative care of the elderly
Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis for spinal surgery: a re-audit
Adherence to the guidelines for prescribing premedication in day case surgery patients after introduction of electronic prescribing
Patient monitoring during epidural labour analgesia by midwives: are we doing it right?
An audit of drug doses and indications for rapid sequence inductions on the labour ward.
Impact of fluid warming on obstetric patients temperature
The effect of introducing a hip fracture bleep alert on time to patient review
Patient feedback for revalidation - a survey of patient preferences
Short-term postoperative outcomes in hip fracture patients: are we failing the frail?
Incidence and severity of pruritus after intrathecal morphine in spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section
A follow up audit of the routine use of cell salvage for caesarean section in a south coast district general hospital
Surgical team brief and debrief: are we compliant?
Audit and regional survey to assess anaesthetic techniques and postoperative pain following hysterectomy surgery
Are we achieving recommended targets with labour analgesia: what happens after 2 h of epidural use and how to improve?
UK single centre study of anaesthetic considerations for trans oral robotic surgery: Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne
Audit of alarm limits on Datascope® monitors at Sunderland Royal Hospital
Is time critical for emergency bowel surgery?
Ultrasound-guided peripheral cannulation - improving quality and the patient experience
Difficult airway documentation
Methods of eyelid closure at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Postdural puncture headache management: evidence-based improvement
Dexamethasone use in suspected bacterial meningitis: a multi-centered audit
Royal College of Anaesthetists trainee e-portfolio survey - London
Tracheostomy training survey - assessing the need for an education programme
Emergency laparotomy experience in a district general hospital: an audit of practice
Re-audit: postoperative epidural analgesia monitoring
Management of anaemia during pregnancy
The development of a local guideline for epidural insertion in obstetric patients with signs of maternal sepsis
Ultrasound-guided posterior capsular infiltration of local anaesthetic as part of an enhanced recovery programme for total knee arthroplasty
Epidurals and new onset lower limb weakness: is the knowledge of medical and nursing staff adequate?
Pre-operative echocardiography: is it used appropriately?
Point-of-care testing of haemoglobin levels after surgery for proximal femoral fractures
Audit on take home medication prescriptions in a bid to improve delivery of goaltargeted care
Completion of Escalation Plan and Resuscitation Status forms on patients undergoing emergency orthopaedic surgery
NCEPOD handover audit: documentation and senior presence
A survey of the stresses associated with training in obstetric anaesthesia
Setting up a multidisciplinary fascia iliaca block delivery service in a district general hospital
Improving ICU palliation: an audit
Developing a formalised anaesthetic and critical care teaching programme for Foundation Year 1 doctors at St Richard's Hospital, Chichester
Massive haemorrhage documentation: are we doing it right?
Efficiency of consumption of anaesthetic agents within the department while using low flow circle anaesthesia
Quality Improvement Project 1: a survey of immediate post-anaesthesia recovery at all hospitals in the South-East Scotland Deanery
A survey questionnaire - incident reporting among doctors in a UK hospital
An audit of pre-operative pregnancy testing
An audit of continuous renal replacement therapy in the ICU: the impact of interruptions on achievement of daily dosing
Cardiopulmonary exercise and risk prediction for endovascular repair patients…the experience of a peripheral district general hospital
Prospective re-audit of fasting times in the emergency plastics theatres
Managing the unanticipated difficult airway in Africa: a survey of available devices and techniques
Preparation for emergency caesarean section: what do mothers want? An antenatal questionnaire
The evolution of advanced training: comparing old and new trainee experiences and expectations
In an ICU setting, is routine gastric acid pH testing, a sensible test for confirming nasogastric tube placement?
Improving the consent process for spinal anaesthesia in the maternity unit
Reliability of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist to prevent intra-operative equipment errors
A snapshot of aseptic practice across University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Management of blood glucose and avoidance of iatrogenic hypoglycaemia on the ICU
A comparison of the training experiences of anaesthetic trainees learning to perform spinal anaesthesia with medical trainees learning to perform a lumbar puncture
A master stroke or recipe for heartache? An audit of the uptake and effects of intra-operative fluid management technologies for major surgery in a large district general hospital
Knowledge of ECG among senior midwives
Current clinical management and outcomes of patients admitted to hospital with fractured ribs across eight hospitals in Wessex
Improving the quality of obstetric anaesthesia audit data through the development of a trainee-designed follow-up database
An audit of parents' satisfaction with arrangements for being present with their child in the anaesthetic room
Peri-operative fasting and fluid management in paediatric patients: an audit of current practice in an Irish regional hospital
Difficult airway alert system in a large tertiary referral centre: improving compliance with DAS recommendations
Effectiveness of epidural analgesia during labour
Assessing baseline practice on peri-operative temperature monitoring and warming, concordance between two different temperature monitoring methods and compliance to the NICE guidelines on inadvertent peri-operative hypothermia in a district general hospital
The role of critical incident training in obstetric anaesthesia in quality improvement
Satisfaction with sedation during hip and knee arthroplasty: a survey
Alteration of fluid balance documentation charts improves recognition of at risk and deteriorating patients
Survey of intra-operative conditions during arthroscopic shoulder surgery under regional anaesthesia
Pre-operative anaesthetic assessment - assessing utilisation to reduce cancellations
Time for a change: improving time synchronisation in theatres
A sore throat: inevitable or inexcusable? Incidence of sore throat after laryngeal mask insertion for day surgery
Diurnal variation in the insertion of labour epidurals: analysis of 4,601 procedures
Pre-operative fasting in elective breast surgery patients: have times improved with the introduction of a new guideline?
Improvement in quality of pain relief following emergency laparotomy. Do rectus sheath catheters have a place?
Does pre-operative gabapentin cause perioperative hypothermia?
Tympanic membrane temperature measurement: the factors influencing its accuracy and reliability
The pitstop model: improving handover on transfer to the ICU
Anaesthetic drug boxes in the emergency department resus of a major trauma centre: an evaluation of use
A survey of laryngeal mask intracuff pressure and incidence of postoperative sore throats at University Hospital of South Manchester
Objective assessment of anaesthetists communication skills using the Communication Assessment Tool in a teaching hospital in England
A comparison of cardiopulmonary exercise testing for colorectal surgery in the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff: has there been an improvement in postoperative outcomes over the years?
Benefits of implementing elements of enhanced recovery for laparoscopic colorectal resection - a retrospective analysis
Two-bag testing of anaesthetic circuits at Worcestershire Royal Hospital
Simulation of a difficult airway situation in the cardiac catheter laboratory
Improving remifentanil patient-controlled analgesia safety on the labour ward: successful multi-centre introduction of a standardised operating procedure
Preparing for the patient with known malignant hyperthermia
Establishing an obstetric surgical recovery unit for the mothers of Jimma Hospital, Ethiopia - with many spider webs joined together, you can catch a lion
Captured debriefing after elective and specific emergencies in obstetric theatre can address latent threats and safety issues and improves the safety culture
The Warrington Pathway
The development of national emergency signage for the peri-operative environment
Theatre exit checks: yodeling for patient safety!
NUH guidelines app - improving accessibility to Trust-approved and national clinical guidelines for Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust
A web-based system for standardisation of difficult airway episode information
Laryngeal mask cuff pressure quality improvement project - with a difference!
WHO Surgical Safety Checklist compliance audit: a journey of three years
Comfortably numb before spinal anaesthesia
Has one year of National Emergency Laparotomy Audit changed the quality of care for patients?