Using remifentanil patient-controlled analgesia pumps for labour analgesia in a small obstetric unit
The model of effective theatre utilisation
Improving safety for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography sedation: keeping up with changing practice
Difficult airway trolley audit
Code red: training at the Royal London Hospital
Handover practice following anaesthesia: impact of a compulsory checklist
A local evaluation of prophylactic antiemetic use in day surgery: over-prescription or good value for money?
The use of ‘conscious sedation’ in the emergency department of a district general hospital
Prediction and prevention of peri-operative hyperglycaemia in diabetic patients undergoing elective surgery
Reducing the risk of contrast-induced nephropathy
Central neuraxial blockade and anticoagulants in four minutes: aiming to improve anaesthetists knowledge of new oral anticoagulants and central neuraxial blockade
Pre-operative starvation of paediatric patients in Zambia: a re-audit
Audit of the outcome of patients undergoing emergency laparotomy with an ASA grade ≤ 3 or P-POSSUM predicted mortality of ≤10% who were not admitted to critical care postoperatively
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation quality: perception vs reality
Auditing the use of risk predictor tools in elective and emergency admissions to a critical care ward
Improved patient flow: the key to safer intensive care unit discharge?
Obstetric multidisciplinary emergency training: a solution to problematic referrals in Mbarara, Western Uganda?
Instruction in the fundamental principles of critical care ventilation should not be overlooked during an intensive care medicine induction programme: a survey of experience, knowledge and confidence amongst new trainees
Safe surgery saves lives: five years on!
Obstetric admissions to intensive care: how does University College London Hospital compare?
High calf tourniquets and common peroneal nerve injury
Adherence to lung protective ventilation strategies in Poole Critical Care Unit
A retrospective audit of adult appendicectomy management over one year at the Countess of Chester Hospital
Management of paediatric patients undergoing appendicectomy at the Countess of Chester Hospital
Fascia iliaca block in patients presenting with fractured neck of femur
Is regional nerve block for patients with fractured neck of femur adequately documented in emergency departments?
Efficacy of postoperative analgesia for repair of Hirschsprung's disease and imperforate anus
Prescribing practise of low molecular weight heparin in surgical patients in a busy district general hospital
Peripheral nerve blocks and the fractured neck of femur: a pain in the NOF?
Introduction of an admission bundle to improve and standardise patient management in a level 3 intensive care unit
Electric hearts: peri-operative documentation and management of patients with cardiovascular implantable electronic devices
Improving laparoscopic nephrectomy services: a patient engagement project
Co-operation and compliance at induction of anaesthesia
Documentation of consent in paediatric anaesthesia
Acute kidney injury in orthopaedic surgery: can we reduce onset and minimise impact?
Fire in theatre: are you and your department prepared?
Post-procedural anaesthetic review of high-risk patients: an audit of current practice and needs analysis
Audit of laryngeal mask cuff pressure
On the right trach?: introducing a modified WHO checklist for percutaneous tracheostomy on an intensive care unit
Emergency laparotomy: a Scottish perspective
How is your child doing? An audit of parental perceptions of children's recovery at home following elective day case surgery at a district general hospital
A snapshot of supraglottic airway device use and choice of mode of ventilation at a district general hospital
The use of LiDCO to aid goal-directed fluid therapy during oesophagectomy reduces the requirement for noradrenaline in the peri-operative period
Clinical audit on venous thromboembolism prevention in pregnancy and puerperium at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn
Preventing iatrogenic pre-operative dehydration
Simple measure to reduce ophthalmic theatre cancellations: a re-audit
Anaesthetic protocol standardisation to avoid intra-operative hypotension in hip fracture patients: audit loop completion and protocol revision
Anaesthetic postoperative review ward round
Completing the audit cycle: don't forget to flush, and prove it!
A positive approach to paediatric fasting: has your child had a drink?
Non-clinical emergency theatre delays: what's the hold up?
Streamlining the patient pathway to the emergency theatre
Theatre waste: the failings of audit. A triumph for quality improvement
Audit of the postoperative care on the wards of patients undergoing elective major surgery at a central London teaching hospital
The obstetric intubation conundrum. The videolarngoscope: an alternative view for a digital age
Parental perceptions of induction of anaesthesia
Timings of antibiotic administration for patients with sepsis in the emergency department
Fascia iliaca compartment nerve blocks in the emergency department: improving practice to reduce pre-operative pain in patients with hip fractures
Consenting for peripheral nerve blocks: are we up to date?
Triggers and targets: preventing inappropriate transfusion in orthopaedic surgery
Enhancing recovery after major gynaecology surgery: from audit to improving quality
Cancellation on the day of surgery: the way out
Improving patient safety in the junior doctor lead postoperative ward round: a baseline quality improvement project
Conversion rate of anaesthetic for caesarean sections in a teaching hospital: ten years on
Do patients know what they have come in for? A re-audit of patients attending a chronic pain block list
Cold comfort for a hot topic: preventing inadvertent peri-operative hypothermia at King's College Hospital
Importance of enhanced access to CT scanning within an emergency laparotomy pathway
Front-of-neck access: a regular training need
Single dose ketamine reduces pain scores after lumbar spinal surgery
Are we following national guidelines for red blood cell transfusion on our general intensive care unit?
Impact of pre-emptive analgesia and epidural fentanyl on postoperative pain relief following spine surgery: a re-audit
Ward equipment standardisation and delays in patient care
Prospective evaluation of anaesthesia adverse events occurring during a surgical mission in Madagascar and the relation to postoperative complications
Stop the clot: thromboembolism prophylaxis in a day surgery unit
The timing of ondansetron in relation to fentanyl in elective surgery and the impact on postoperative nausea and vomiting
STEP-up to escalation planning in critical care
18 month audit of airway alerts: sharing information improves patient safety
Beware of the green needle
Left ventricular rupture following closed chest cardiopulmonary resuscitation after pneumonectomy
Tracheobronchial blood clot cast causing acute asphyxia and pneumothorax
Sedation for endoscopic cricopharyngeal myomectomy for treatment of pharyngeal pouch in the endoscopy suite
The anaesthetic management of a patient with severe cutaneous systemic sclerosis requiring femoral nailing
Rocuronium and sugammadex used to secure the airway of a patient with Huntington's disease requiring emergency anaesthesia with rapid sequence induction
Intrathecal opioids: an unrecognised cause of peri-operative hypothermia?
Profound hypotension without hypovolemia with cell salvage use in obstetrics, a possible reaction to leucocyte depletion filters
Death resulting from potential vitamin A toxicity
Nasendoscopy and the difficult airway: where do we stand?
Anaesthetic approach to video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery in a patient with one lung
Superior mesenteric vein thrombosis: rare but often fatal
Incident involving closed system tracheal suction catheter
Leaving them speechless: a case of anaesthesia-induced mutism
When vessels leak
An unusual cause of superior vena cava obstruction
Refractory status epilepticus
Iatrogenic carbon monoxide poisoning
Four months of stuttering following general anaesthesia
Use of 20% intralipid in the management of a haemodynamically unstable patient following a mixed overdose
The knotted pulmonary artery catheter
Paradoxical vocal cord motion: an unusual cause of postoperative stridor
Intravenous tramadol: fit for everyone? Generalised tonic-clonic seizure and possible serotonin syndrome after a dose of tramadol in a young female patient with no comorbidities
Magnesium sulphate or diltiazem as adjuvant to total intravenous anaesthesia to reduce blood loss in functional endoscopic sinus surgery
Challenging consultants: how can junior anaesthetic trainees learn how to effectively challenge?
Epidural analgesia and peri-operative kidney function after liver resection surgery
The decision to admit to critical care: time for a re-think? A systematic review
Echogenic regional block needles: more than just needle brightness
Observational cohort study: fitness of potential live kidney donors to proceed to surgery as measured by cardiopulmonary exercise testing
Outcome of patients requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation for ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm: a case series
The association between ABO and Rhesus blood group and coronary artery disease
Short and long term outcome, critical care usage and predictors of mortality following emergency laparotomy in Scotland
Pain assessment, analgesia and cognition among patients with hip fracture: time for a new approach?
Evaluating the effects of 6% hydroxyethyl starch 130/0.4 in cardiopulmonary bypass priming on acute kidney injury
ERAS+ reduces pulmonary morbidity after major surgery
Mortality after primary hip and knee arthroplasty
Critical care length of stay after primary hip and knee arthroplasty
Pre-operative renal function and acute kidney injury after coronary artery bypass grafting in an Asian population
Acute traumatic coagulopathy is evident in severely injured military casualties within 40 min of injury
Further classification of postoperative pulmonary morbidity as a marker of surgical outcome: part of the ERAS+ innovation
The hidden dangers of paediatric blood transfusion
Evaluation at 3 and 15 months of a three day training program for the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist in Congo
An evaluation of the effect of pre-operative anaemia on postoperative complications in a low resource setting
How noisy is your theatre? Monitoring sound levels using a smartphone application
Eye protection during general anaesthesia: are we doing enough? A survey of current practice and opinion
The traffic light handover tool: developing a new obstetric anaesthesia handover method
Northern Ireland anaesthetic and critical care: staff grade, associate specialist and specialty doctors workforce questionnaire undertaken by the Critical Care and Anaesthetic Group in Northern Ireland
Global trends in publication of articles in Anaesthesia , 1997-2014
The Manchester Surgical Outcomes Project: initial review of major elective surgical patients
An evaluation of the use of technology and its role in pre-operative and postoperative care to improve patient outcomes and experience
Consent and specialty training
Survey of patient satisfaction with the enhanced recovery programme for caesarean section
Consent for anaesthesia: risky business. A survey of South West London School of Anaesthesia consenting practices
Text message survey to assess analgesia protocol change and resulting pain following elective paediatric day surgery
Ultrasound technology: should it be a part of hospital induction for trainees?
Survey of knowledge among anaesthetists and operating department assistants on the care of the ultrasound transducer probe
Is the 70 kg man extinct?
Multi-centre survey of antenatal women regarding their knowledge about labour epidurals
Nasendoscopy for anaesthetists
What do you know about sepsis? Survey of the current knowledge of sepsis in our unit
A survey of the use of cardiac output monitoring in emergency gastrointestinal surgery and its impact on intra-operative fluid management and postoperative complications
Undergraduate cannulation training: a survey to examine how useful videos are in teaching clinical skills
Returning to work for consultants: a survey of recent experience in the West Midlands
Letting mums move: a survey of current practice and barriers to mobile epidurals
Survey of intra-operative cell salvage use and knowledge in a major trauma centre
Understanding what rapid sequence induction means in modern medicine
Patient information for emergency laparotomy: what do patients want to know?
Elective surgery in the NHS: are patients satisfied with their experience on the day of their operation?
Does size really matter to foundation doctors in anaesthetics?
Anaesthetics in a district general hospital: experience of foundation doctors
Patient experience and satisfaction of anaesthetic for elective caesarean section: a survey
Higher airway training: does it prepare trainees for independent practice?
NELA at Homerton Hospital: creating a new culture in peri-operative care
NELA: implementation of peri-operative care recommendations for patients undergoing emergency laparotomy. An ongoing quality improvement project in a district general hospital
Postoperative Pneumonia Prevention Study
A simple solution to improving risk assessment scoring for laparotomy cases using quality improvement methodology
Management of sepsis in patients undergoing emergency laparotomy: an audit of local NELA data
Improving patient outcomes following emergency laparotomy: assessing the impact of quality improvement measures based on NELA recommendations
Administering the NELA in the context of a previously successful quality improvement care bundle: the loss of marginal gains