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Time for a breath of fresh air
Position, position, position – terminology during stomach ultrasound in pregnant women
Xenon anesthesia for all, or only a select few?
A national survey of practical airway training in UK anaesthetic departments. Time for a national policy?†
High‐flow humidified nasal oxygenation vs. standard face mask oxygenation
Changes in qualitative and quantitative ultrasound assessment of the gastric antrum before and after elective caesarean section in term pregnant women
Estimated costs before, during and after the introduction of the emergency laparotomy pathway quality improvement care (ELPQuIC) bundle†
Sleep disturbance in patients taking opioid medication for chronic back pain
A randomised controlled trial comparing the effects of propofol with isoflurane in patients with diastolic dysfunction undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery
A randomised controlled trial comparing two popliteal nerve catheter tip positions for postoperative analgesia after day‐case hallux valgus repair
Construct validity of a novel assessment tool for ultrasound‐guided axillary brachial plexus block†
Speak up! Barriers to challenging erroneous decisions of seniors in anaesthesia
A prospective randomised study of a rigid video‐stylet vs. conventional lightwand intubation in cervical spine‐immobilised patients
Remifentanil tolerance and hyperalgesia
Life is lognormal! What to do when your data does not follow a normal distribution
Professor Stanley Feldman BSc, MB, FRCA
Awake fibreoptic intubation, videolaryngoscopy and training
Virtual training in research methods
Stroke following inadvertent carotid artery catheterisation
Cadaver models for regional anaesthesia training
Paravertebral block and access to the paravertebral space
Bath Boarding Card and risk stratification
Bath Boarding Card and risk stratification – a reply
Measuring the clinical impact of National Audit Projects
Sedation for transfemoral aortic valve transplantation (TAVI)
Sedation for transfemoral aortic valve transplantation (TAVI) – a reply
Can linear cognitive aids always be used in anaesthesia?
Abandoning cricoid pressure – 2
Discontinuation of Enk Atomiser
Tracheal tube pilot balloon fault
Tracheal tube pilot balloon fault – a reply
Cap mount confusion in a DARTM HME Filter
Potential for hypoxic gas mixture delivery using a Flexima 2 anaesthetic machine