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Standardising anaesthesia for hip fracture surgery
Climate change in cardiothoracic intensive care
Man vs. manikin revisited – the ethical boundaries of simulating difficult airways in patients
Pre‐operative testing guidelines : a NICE try but not enough
Complete relinquishing of anaesthetic conscientiousness, optimisation and nuance (CRAC‐ON) trial
The Assessment of Risk in Cardiothoracic Intensive Care (ARCtIC) : prediction of hospital mortality after admission to cardiothoracic critical care
The association between pre‐operative variables, including blood pressure, and postoperative kidney function
Potentially modifiable risk factors for atrial fibrillation following lung resection surgery : a retrospective cohort study
A randomised, controlled, double blind, non‐inferiority trial of ultrasound‐guided fascia iliaca block vs. spinal morphine for analgesia after primary hip arthroplasty
A randomised, controlled, double‐blind trial of ultrasound‐guided phrenic nerve block to prevent shoulder pain after thoracic surgery
Level of agreement between cardiac output measurements using Nexfin® and thermodilution in morbidly obese patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery
The performance of rigid scopes for tracheal intubation : a randomised, controlled trial in patients with a simulated difficult airway†
The development and evaluation of a non‐pressurised, chemical oxygen reaction generation vessel and breathing system providing emergency oxygen for an extended duration
Paravertebral block and persistent postoperative pain after breast surgery : meta‐analysis and trial sequential analysis
A little less conversation
Abandoning cricoid pressure
Cricoid pressure and the law
Abandoning cricoid pressure – a reply
Airway topical anaesthesia for awake fibreoptic intubation – a reply
Apnoeic oxygenation in pregnancy – a reply
Apnoeic oxygenation in pregnancy
Incidental finding of a tracheal fragment from a Frova intubating catheter
Supraclavicular or interscalene brachial plexus block for rotator cuff repair?
Interscalene catheters for shoulder surgery – a reply
Interscalene catheters for shoulder surgery
Sciatic nerve block and enhanced recovery after total knee arthroplasty
Sciatic nerve block and enhanced recovery after total knee arthroplasty – a reply
Another cardiopulmonary exercise testing machine fault
A complication of a femoral arterial catheter
AAGBI safe vascular access guidelines – a reply
Eye protection in anaesthesia
Is a judicial change needed to protect organ donation?
Cortical reflex myoclonus
Comparing fibreoscopy with the Pentax Airway Scope for awake orotracheal intubation