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The fate of manuscripts rejected from Anaesthesia
Safe performance of peripheral regional anaesthesia : the significance of ultrasound guidance
The erector spinae plane block : plane and simple
A randomised controlled trial comparing transnasal humidified rapid insufflation ventilatory exchange (THRIVE) pre‐oxygenation with facemask pre‐oxygenation in patients undergoing rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia †
The Universal Anaesthesia Machine (UAM) : assessment of a new anaesthesia workstation built with global health in mind†
The analgesic efficacy of pre‐operative bilateral erector spinae plane (ESP) blocks in patients having ventral hernia repair
Ultrasound‐guided approach to nerves (direct vs. tangential) and the incidence of intraneural injection : a cadaveric study†
Evaluation of the accuracy of common weight estimation formulae in a Zambian paediatric surgical population
The effect of remifentanil on propofol requirements to achieve loss of response to command vs. loss of response to pain
An observational study of the macro‐ and micro‐haemodynamic implications of epidural anaesthesia in children
The effects of tracheal tube cuffs filled with air, saline or alkalinised lidocaine on haemodynamic changes and laryngotracheal morbidity in children : a randomised, controlled trial
Difficult tracheal tube passage and subglottic airway injury during intubation with the GlideScope® videolaryngoscope : a randomised, controlled comparison of three tracheal tubes†
A feasibility study of awake videolaryngoscope‐assisted intubation in patients with periglottic tumour using the channelled King Vision® videolaryngoscope†
Thromboelastography (TEG) or rotational thromboelastometry (ROTEM) to monitor haemostatic treatment in bleeding patients : a systematic review with meta‐analysis and trial sequential analysis
Heterogeneity in meta‐analyses. Comparing apples and oranges?
Dr Thomas B Boulton OBE, TD, MD, FRCA, FDSRCS, 1925–2016
Efficacy, safety and the routine use of first generation SADs in paediatric practice
Videolaryngoscopy or fibreoptic bronchoscopy for awake intubation of bariatric patients with predicted difficult airways – a randomised, controlled trial
Flow‐pressure characteristics of an Intersurgical adjustable pressure‐limiting valve
Flow‐pressure characteristics of a GE Healthcare Aisys CS2 APL valve
Difficult airway research options and ethical consensus
Difficult airway research options and ethical consensus – a reply
Eligibility criteria in paravertebral block meta‐analysis
Eligibility criteria in paravertebral block meta‐analysis – a reply
Standardising anaesthesia for hip fracture surgery
Did sugammadex cause, or reveal, laryngospasm? A reply
Misinterpreting the p value
Confused and confounded by statistics