Obstetric anaesthesia and analgesia
Spinal anaesthesia
Epidural analgesia and anaesthesia
Toxicity of local anaesthetics
Intraspinal narcotics for pain relief during labor
Intraspinal narcotics for analgesia after Cesarean section
Cardiovascular disease in pregnancy
Preterm labor
Drug abuse during pregnancy
Paediatric anaesthesia
Paediatric cardiac anaesthesia
Monitoring in pediatric anesthesia
The paediatric airway
Pediatric trauma
Psychological effects of anaesthesia in children
Anaesthesia and medical disease
Perioperative management of the patient with renal failure
AIDS and implications for anaesthesiologists
Perioperative care of the immunodeficient patient
Malignant hyperthermia
Perioperative management of endocrine problems
Anaesthetic management of liver transplantation
Miscellaneous papers of interest
Obstetric anaesthesia and abalgesia
Paediatric anaesthesia
Anaesthesia and medical disease
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