Neurosurgical anaesthesia and neurological disease Editorial overview
Brain monitoring
Inhalation anesthetics
Intravenous anaesthetics
Brain protection and resuscitation
Perioperative fluid management in neurosurgery
Management of craniocerebral and spinal cord injury
Secondary brain damage from severe head injury and cerebral ischemia–the role of glutamate
Management of subarachnoid haemorrhage
Regional anaesthesia Editorial overview
Adjuncts to enhance the effectiveness of local anaesthetics
Advances in technique and accident avoidance
Regional and local anesthesia and spinal narcotics for postoperative pain management
Regional and local anaesthesia and intraspinal narcotics for intra-operative surgical anaesthesia
Cardiovascular effects of local and regional anaesthesia and spinal narcotics
Regional anaesthesia in children
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of regional anesthesia
Sedation and regional anaesthesia
Metabolic and respiratory effects of regional anaesthesia
Miscellaneous papers of interest
Pain therapy Editorial overview
Pain – trends in therapy
Treatment of autonomically mediated pain
Psychological assessment and manipulation in pain therapy
The use of psychoactive agents in pain relief
Dorsal column and deep brain stimulation
Role of substance P in nociception
Degenerative joint disease
Cancer pain
Bibliography of the current world literature
Bibliography of the current world literature
Bibliography of the current world literature
Index to subjects