Current Opinion in Anaesthesiology Aims and organization
Obstetric anaesthesia and analgesia
Physiology of pregnancy
Fetal physiology
Epidural and spinal analgesia in obstetrics
Drugs and techniques in obstetric anesthesia
Cesarean section
Complications, hazards, emboli and pregnancy
Drug abuse in the parturient
Gestational proteinuric hypertension
Anaesthesia for preterm labour and delivery
Medical aspects of obstetrics: diabetes mellitus
Paediatric anaesthesia
Changes in drug requirements during growth
Anesthesia and the control of breathing in the neonate
Pulmonary circulation and pediatric anesthesia
Sedation techniques in paediatric anaesthesia
Postoperative pain treatment
Anesthesia for organ transplantation
Paediatric intensive care
Anaesthesia and medical disease
Malignant hyperthermia
AIDS and its implications for the anesthesiologist
Anaesthesia for the geriatric patient
Liver transplantation
Allergy and anaesthesia
Renal function during anaesthesia
Miscellaneous papers of interest
Bibliography of the current world literature
Paediatric anaesthesia
Anaesthesia and medical disease