Drugs in anaesthesia
αc2-Adrenergic agonists in anaesthesia
Anaphylactoid reactions and anaesthesia
Dosage regimens in anaesthesia
Simulation in anaesthesia
Why not simply use barbiturates for the induction of general anaesthesia?
Ketamine — still going strong
Pharmacodynamics of inhaled anaesthetics
Opioids and other analgesics
Mechanisms of opioid activity
Multiple modes of opioid administration
Inflammatory pain
Opioid antagonists
Opioid pharmacokinetics
Induction and prevention of tolerance to opioid drugs
Neuromuscular-blocking drugs
Onset of action of neuromuscular blockade
Autonomic and cardiovascular effects of neuromuscular-blocking drugs
Modulation of histamine release by neuromuscular-blocking drugs
An update on monitoring of neuromuscular function
Administration of neuromuscular-blocking agents by infusion
Use of relaxants in pediatric anesthesia
Bibliography of the current world literature
Drugs in anaesthesia
Opioids and other analgesics
Neuromuscular-blocking drugs
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