Practical anaesthesia
Anaesthesia tor day care surgery
Medicolegal aspects, consent and ethics for the anaesthetist
Airway management
Preoperative preparation, fasting, premedication and preoxygenation
Further refinements in anaesthesia for surgery of sundry kinds
Monitoring and equipment
Monitoring the central nervous system
The anaesthetic machine, circuits and gas supplies
Computer-controlled drug delivery systems
Monitoring and anaesthetic equipment
Respiratory monitoring, blood-gas measurement, oximetry, and pulse oximetry
Pulmonary aspects of anaesthesia
Pulmonary gas exchange
Respiratory mechanics and ventilatory failure in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Control of breathing, ventilatory failure and sleep apnea syndromes
The pulmonary circulation
Mechanical ventilation
Asthma and associated drugs
Adult respiratory distress syndrome
Thoracic surgery and lung transplantation
Bibliography of the current world literature
Monitoring and equipment
Pulmonary aspects of anaesthesia
Cumulative index to authors
Cumulative index to subjects