Neurosurgical anaesthesia and neurological disease
Management of central nervous system trauma
Cerebral ischemia and neuronal protection
Role of nitric oxide in regulation of cerebral circulation in health and disease
Monitoring the central nervous system
Clinical problems in neurosurgical anaesthesia
Regional anaesthesia
Local anaesthetics and pharmacology
Spinal anaesthesia
Perioperative epidural analgesia and anesthesia
Cardiovascular effects of epidural anaesthesia
Continuous infusion techniques for postoperative pain relief
Brachial plexus block
Complications of regional and local anesthesia
Pain therapy
Drugs in the treatment of pain
Pain associated with malignant disease
Interventional therapy for pain management
Painful diabetic neuropathy
Combination therapy in analgesia; seeking synergy
Neurosurgical anaesthesia and neurological disease
Regional anaesthesia
Pain therapy
Index to subjects