Education for practical anesthesia
Audit of anesthesia performance
Cost-effective anesthesia
Geriatric anesthesiology
Anaesthesia for minimally invasive therapy
Anaesthesia and sedation for diagnostic procedures
New roles for magnesium
Monitoring and equipment
Monitoring of blood gases and pulmonary ventilation
Monitoring of cardiac and haemodynamic functions
Neurological and neuromuscular function monitoring during anaesthesia
Anaesthetic equipment and devices
Computer-assisted monitoring, data management and therapy
Pulmonary aspects of anesthesia
Partitioning of pulmonary impedance
Volatile anesthetics and airway smooth muscle function
Factors determining pulmonary blood flow and gas distribution
Cardiopulmonary interactions
Pulmonary function during and following laparoscopy
Bibliography of the current world literature
Practical anaesthesia
Monitoring and equipment
Pulmonary aspects of anaesthesia
Index to authors
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