Cardiac cell membrane physiology
Significance of heart rate variability in cardiovascular disease
The treatment of cardiac arrhythmias
Beta adrenoceptors in human heart disease
Myocardial protection
The blood-brain barriers to advances in cardiac anesthesia
Developments in cardiac transplantation
Optimizing erythrocyte conservation and transfusion practices in cardiac surgery
Prevention and treatment of post-cardiopulmonary bypass bleeding
Cerebral protection and cardiopulmonary bypass
Pediatric cardiac anesthesia
Cardiovascular pharmacology
Drugs for the tretment of congestive heart failure
Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and the renin angiotensin system
Vascular endothelium
Adrenergic mechanisms of drugs
Cardiovascular effects of new inhalational and intravenous anaesthetics
Cardiovascular physiology and disease
Cardiac anaesthesia
Cardiovascular pharmacology