New challenges require adaptation of anaesthetic management
The laryngeal mask airway
Perioperative transfusion practices
New aspects in perioperative histamine release in anesthesia
Anesthesia for major vascular surgery
Anaesthesia for liver transplantation with reduced-size organs
Monitoring and equipment
Systolic pressure variation as an indicator of hypovolemia
Desflurane: vaporizer considerations and clinical update
Low-flow anesthesia: anesthetic degradation to carbon monoxide and compound A
Informative alarms in anaesthesia: from signal to patient-state monitoring
Anesthesia and critical care simulators
Pulmonary aspects of anaesthesia
Pulmonary circulation
Tracheal gas insufflation as an adjunct to ventilation
Liquid lung ventilation as an alternative ventilatory support
Inhalation of vasodilatory drugs or gases
Pulmonary dysfunction after cardiac surgery
Practical anaesthesia
Monitoring and equipment
Pulmonary aspects of anaesthesia
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Current Opinion in ANESTHESIOLOGY for Volume 8