Informed consent: is it possible during labor?
Postdural puncture: implications and complications
Morbidity and mortality from obstetric anaesthesia in the 1990s
The changing role of magnesium sulphate therapy
New developments in fetal monitoring for the anesthesiologist
Combined spinal-epidural for labor analgesia
The expansion of paediatric anaesthesia
Thermal regulation and mild intraoperative hypothermia
Anaesthesia for laparoscopic procedures in infants and children: indications, intra- and post-operative management, prevention and treatment of complications
New developments in the management of the paediatric airway: cuffed or uncuffed tracheal tubes, laryngeal mask airway, cuffed oropharyngeal airway, tracheostomy and one-lung ventilation devices
Combined regional and light general anesthesia: are the risks increased or minimized?
‘Off-label’ use of drugs in pediatric anesthesia: legal, clinical and policy considerations
Influence of co-existing diseases on perioperative morbidity and mortality in anaesthetized patients: does the anaesthetic technique prevent complications?
Management of anaesthesia in elderly patients
Perioperative renal protection
Diabetes mellitus and anaesthesia
Consequences of haemostasis disorders on anaesthestic management
Malignant hyperthermia: advances in diagnostics and management
HIV infection: problems with patients' anaesthetic management and healthcare workers' exposure
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