Only anesthesiologists should provide epidural labor analgesia
The pregnant cardiac woman
Anaesthesia for non-scheduled caesarean delivery
Neuraxial opioids for labour analgesia: analgesic efficiency and effect on labour
The future of paediatric anaesthesia is total intravenous anaesthesia
Clonidine in paediatric anaesthesia
Upper airway infection and pediatric anesthesia: how is the evidence based?
Aspiration in pediatric anesthesia: is there a higher incidence compared with adults?
Management of the paediatric airway: new developments
The propofol infusion syndrome in infants and children: can we predict the risk?
The caudal catheter in neonates: where are the restrictions?
Anesthesia and informed consent
Anesthesia for patients with diabetes mellitus
Anesthesia and renal disease
Multiple sclerosis and anesthetic implications
Anesthesia and myopathy
Corticosteroids and anesthesia
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