Editorial introductions
Current status and clinical relevance of studies of minimum local-anaesthetic concentration (MLAC)
Recent advances in patient-controlled epidural analgesia for labour
Neuraxial analgesia and fetal bradycardia
Maternal cardiac disease
Sedation by non-anesthesiologists
Preinduction techniques for pediatric anesthesia
Nonoperating room anesthesia for children
Inhalational anesthetics in pediatric anesthesia
Caudal analgesia and anesthesia techniques in children
New local anesthetics for pediatric anesthesia
Anesthetics and brain toxicity
Spinal anaesthesia in paediatric patients
Anaesthesia and anti-cancer chemotherapeutic drugs
Anesthetic management of the illicit-substance-using patient
Preoperative optimization of patients with liver disease
Anaesthesia for patients with mood disorders
Recent developments in β-blockers and anaesthesia
Anesthetic considerations in the multiple endocrine neoplasia syndromes
Anaesthesia and new antithrombotic drugs
Current World Literature