Editorial introductions
The use of neuraxial adjuvant drugs (neostigmine, clonidine) in obstetrics
Vasopressors in obstetrics: what should we be using?
Postcesarean analgesia: effective strategies and association with chronic pain
Postdural puncture headache
Laparoscopic surgery during pregnancy
Anaesthesia for tonsillectomy
Complications in paediatric anaesthesia
Recent developments in the perioperative fluid management for the paediatric patient
Recent developments in airway management of the paediatric patient
Recent developments in the pharmacological management of pain in children
Imaging techniques for regional nerve blockade and vascular cannulation in children
Some current controversies in paediatric regional anaesthesia
Intraoperative awareness in children: myth or reality?
Hypertension and anesthesia
Anesthesia for the elderly: selected topics
Perioperative management of chronic pain patients with opioid dependency
Perioperative acute renal failure
The diabetic surgical patient
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