Editorial introductions
Efficiency in ambulatory surgery center
Office-based anesthesia: new frontiers, better outcomes, and emphasis on safety
Anesthesia for outpatient cosmetic surgery
Preoperative screening, evaluation, and optimization of the patient's medical status before outpatient surgery
Airway management in the outpatient setting: new devices and techniques
Regional anesthesia techniques for ambulatory orthopedic surgery
Recovery after ambulatory anesthesia
Postdischarge complications and rehabilitation after ambulatory surgery
Management of outcomes in the ambulatory surgery center: the role of standard work and evidence-based medicine
Is the automation of anesthesia possible or even desirable?
Review of video laryngoscopy and rigid fiberoptic laryngoscopy
Recent advances in patient-controlled sedation
Web-based education in anesthesiology: a critical overview
Using ventilation-induced plethysmographic variations to optimize patient fluid status
Pulse oximetry and photoplethysmographic waveform analysis of the esophagus and bowel
Recent advances in scenario-based training for medical education
Fire safety in the operating room
Changes in skin conductance as a tool to monitor nociceptive stimulation and pain
The measurement of dyshemoglobins and total hemoglobin by pulse oximetry
Current World Literature