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Perioperative management of outpatients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators
Preoperative screening and risk assessment in the ambulatory surgery patient
Anaesthesia for the patient with dementia undergoing outpatient surgery
Perioperative management of ambulatory surgical patients with diabetes mellitus
Total intravenous anaesthesia techniques for ambulatory surgery
Control of perioperative muscle strength during ambulatory surgery
Pain management after ambulatory surgery
Ambulatory surgery and malignant hyperthermia
Escort accompanying discharge after ambulatory surgery: a necessity or a luxury?
Ethics, continuing medical education, industry, and anesthesia
Automated anesthesia
Anesthesia information management systems
Forced-air warming: technology, physical background and practical aspects
Introduction of new monitors into clinical anesthesia
Depth of anesthesia
Auditory displays in anesthesiology
Patient monitoring with head-mounted displays
Cardiac output derived from arterial pressure waveform
Assessment of competence in anesthesiology
Peripheral venous pressure waveform
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