Editorial introductions
Intracranial pressure: why we monitor it, how to monitor it, what to do with the number and what's the future?
Traumatic brain injury in modern war
Cerebral blood flow and the injured brain: how should we monitor and manipulate it?
Water, water, everywhere: sodium and water balance and the injured brain
A speedy recovery: amphetamines and other therapeutics that might impact the recovery from brain injury
Publication fraud: implications to the individual and to the specialty
Knowing when to stop: futility in the ICU
Perioperative deep vein thrombosis prevention: what works, what does not work and does it improve outcome?
Oesophageal Doppler monitoring: should it be routine for high-risk surgical patients?
Cost-effectiveness of bispectral index monitoring
Inhalational or total intravenous anaesthesia: is total intravenous anaesthesia useful and are there economic benefits?
Should tracheostomy practice in the setting of trauma be standardized?
The complex interplay between delirium, sedation, and early mobility during critical illness: applications in the trauma unit
Fluid resuscitation in multiple trauma patients
Intracranial monitoring in traumatic brain injury
Diaphragmatic dysfunction in mechanical ventilation
Immunotherapy after trauma: timing is essential
Current World Literature