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Alpha-2-agonists in day case anaesthesia
Ambulatory anaesthesia to improve the recovery process
Technology, education, training and information systems
Assessing recovery after ambulatory anaesthesia, measures of resumption of activities of daily living
Considerations for patients with obstructive sleep apnea undergoing ambulatory surgery
Management of postdischarge nausea and vomiting after ambulatory surgery
Ambulatory anesthesia aspects for tonsillectomy and abrasion in children
Blocks for pain management in children undergoing ambulatory surgery
Revival of old local anesthetics for spinal anesthesia in ambulatory surgery
Ultrasound-guided blocks for shoulder surgery
Arterial waveform analysis in anesthesia and critical care
Limitations of anaesthesia depth monitoring
Does depth of anesthesia monitoring improve postoperative outcomes?
Delirium in the postanaesthesia period
Mentorship in anesthesia
New training strategies for anaesthesia residents
The anesthesia team of the future
The potential benefits and the role of cerebral monitoring in carotid endarterectomy
Regional anesthetic procedures in immunosuppressed patients
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